Forza Horizon 4 Full Cars List Leaked By Dataminers

Forza Horizon 4 Full Cars list is leaked by dataminers. Some of the the cars are not confirmed and some might not appear in the final game.

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lxeasy87d ago

Can't wait to get this day 1 on Xbox Game Pass

Razzer87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Yep. Day one on PC with Game Pass, but may have to wait a bit depending on how much time I spend on Spider-man.

DaFeelz87d ago

As long as my Aventador is in there (and it is) I can’t wait for this.

Elit3Nick87d ago

It's important to consider that some of these cars might be leftover code from FM7. A lot of these cars have been Motorsport series-only since their introduction, and the list has over 550 unique cars, with PG saying that the game will launch with over 450, and they tend not to greatly underestimate their car numbers. Of course we're probably seeing a lot of future DLC cars (looking at you Project One and Valkyrie), but don't assume that any particular car is confirmed because of this list.