Days Gone Uses Realism to Up the Sense of Tension

In this new video, directors John Garvin and Jeff Ross talk about realism, and how it helps set the title apart. For example, you’re going to need to fuel and repair your bike if you want to get about; fail to do so, and you may just find yourself lost in the wilderness with no means of escape.

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ShockUltraslash88d ago

Not interested.
If I want realism I can go outside.

philm8788d ago

Not sure where you live, but I lack the zombies, guns, and post apocalyptic scenario outside my house.

jimbost7988d ago

Why do people comment on games theyre not interested in or dont like?
I wouldnt go to a gig of a band i didnt like and start saying to peope there, these are a bit shit arent they?
Do hope this game delivers tho.

ArchangelMike88d ago

Where is this interview from? Is it Gamescom? I can't wait for this game. It'll be awesome.

Jinger88d ago

Not exactly ground breaking or new, but I appreciate the added realism and survival factor involved in planning a trip or mission.

THC CELL88d ago

People who are knocking this game are just jealous

deadfrag81d ago

This game has something pretty off and thats the Blood...theres no blood splatter on shoots impact actually it lacks the blood realism in every this a teens game..its weird and no one talks on the subject.