Quake Champions on console is “never anything that’s out of the question”

From VG247: "During a recent roundtable interview at QuakeCon, Quake community manager Joshua Boyle was asked if we’d get a console version of Quake Champions."

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Sciurus_vulgaris830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

The PS4 and Xbox One should be able to handle Quake Champions at 60 fps. My only concern for Quake Champions on console is weapon switching via controller. When playing old school arena shooters players must be able to switch between several weapons on the fly with no delay.

lptmg829d ago

Quake Champions is very well optimized. My subpar laptop can handle it, I'm sure a PS4 won't have an issue

-Foxtrot829d ago

They need a Quake reboot like what they've done to Wolfenstein and Doom

Something with a great single player campaign and if they want they can take the online from Arena and add that into it for consoles. They don't need to design a new online from scratch.

Fearmonkey829d ago

I want a Quake 1 reboot, not quake 2/quake3 with the Strogg.

PhantomS42829d ago

Make it happen then or better make a proper Quake 5 or give the series a good reboot like Doom/Wolf.