No Man's Sky's latest update boasts faster load times, increased performance and better visuals

Initial load times are up to 30% faster!

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DarkVoyager65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Are they going to work on improving the console versions or just the PC version?

Kumakai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

The Next update was just released on consoles weeks ago and there’s already been an update to that update last week, so clearly they are working on the console versions.

DarkVoyager65d ago

I know but I’m not seeing any better performance or visuals with the recent updates.

instantstupor65d ago

This is a beta update. You have to opt in to test out the beta branch on PC to even get the update. You can see that it isn't live yet for PC proper by looking at their patch log on the website:

And you can see which platforms each release is for as they label each one under the patch number. PC gets updates first, mostly I think because they can push those live without any red tape/certification process like consoles have, but the consoles seem to be getting the same updates within a few days. I've got it on both PC and PS4 and they don't favor one over the other.

Nodoze65d ago

LOVING the Next update. Absolutely fantastic. Performance improvements still needed, but overall a fantastic update.

Strafe65d ago

Awful game. But updated to a less awful state.

Well done.

gamesR4fun64d ago

this game just keeps giving no matter how you feel about the launch you have to give props to hello games for this.