PS4, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch Game Sale At GameStop In The US

The gaming retailer has some good deals on new games, trade-ins, and Xbox One hardware.

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Shiken152d ago

This is actually a good deal. Thinking of trading in my X1, not sure yet.

mkis007152d ago

I want a ps4pro trade in deal so I can get more money toward my spiderman pro...the price did go from 220 to 250 recently so I cant wait too long.

twiggytree12152d ago

I'm planning on doing the same. I asked my local shop about it and the guy told me if they were going to give a trade in bonus it would take effect about a week before launch. He also said new promotions start on Wednesdays.

mkis007151d ago

I just hope the price doesn't drop if I wait until the 7th to trade in...trying to hold out for a special deal.

Shiken152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Yeah that is what I did, but my timing still was not as good. I traded my base PS4 for 165, and picked up a few new PS4 games they had on sale for a total of 160...

Persona 5
Monster Hunter World
Dragonball FighterZ
Assassin's Creed Origins

Overall, I feel I made a good deal. When you factor in the value if the games, I ended up only paying 235 for my Pro. Even if I waited though, I still might have walked away with similar savings if I got the same games, because they may not have been on sale as well.

DivineAssault 151d ago

You have good taste in games. I dont see COD or Madden in your list. On topic, thats about right. Those games are all $30-$40 each right now so it works. I need to sell my pro but i cant find a spider man console