Intel Tweets First Video Of Its Discrete Gaming GPU

We may be on the cusp of one of Nvidia's most exciting GPU launches in recent history, but Intel isn't letting us forget that its also got game in the GPU space. Soon, it will have more.

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XiNatsuDragnel1256d ago

Very interesting. Hope it's competitive to make prices for GPU Goes down. Power goes up.

Shiken1255d ago

Yeah, we can only hope!

VenomUK1254d ago

Interesting. But a 2020 release date!

Cobra9511254d ago

2020 is not bad, considering Intel just stole Raja Koduri from AMD late last year.

MWH1254d ago

Nvidia has dominated the market long enough and we will significantly benefit from a healthy competition. I hope intel are serious about entering this challenge.

Interesting times ahead.

Dabigsiebowski1254d ago

Yeah....Leave it to Intel to Drive prices down...

Razzer1254d ago

Awesome. More competition

Sgt_Slaughter1254d ago

At this point I won't believe it until it's physically on store shelves. They've said they're making one and teased it several times and never kept their word.

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PygmelionHunter1254d ago

I can only speculate they’d aim for the more budget-oriented market first and then work their way up.

Though it would be interesting to see them go all-out.

As mentioned above: the more competition, the better.

frostypants1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Yep. That's a graphics card alright. I am whelmed by this image!

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