GamingExcellence: Multiwinia Review

GamingExcellence writes: "It's been almost three years since Introversion released Darwinia on the Steam platform, a move that allowed them to access a much larger community than they could with Darwinia's original March 2005 release. With its simplistic graphical design and game-play that made anyone that touched the game crave for more, Darwinia became a hit beyond anything like Introversion's previous two cult classics. Now, Introversion has released its next vision for the Darwinian universe, and has aptly named it Multiwinia. As the title might suggest, Multiwinia is a multiplayer foray into the virtual world, and although it feels like a small addition to the original Darwinia opus, it should have gamers across the globe itching to play it."

+Simplistic controls make Multiwinia an easy-to-learn game
+Multiplayer aspect is done well
+The retro art style is excellent

-Single-player experience leaves something to be desired
-Too simple at times
-Losing team usually ends up with an all-powerful weapon that can completely decimate any ground gained by the player with the advantage

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