Is Assassin's Creed Odyssey Coming Too Soon?

With Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft's flagship series is returning to an annual release model, but is that really a good idea?

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JokerBoy42289d ago

Im still trying to figure out why Assassins Creed fans want an Assassins Creed game that has nothing at all to do with Assassins Creed...

rawshack89d ago

There all connected in some way

JokerBoy42289d ago

Considering Ubisoft said there are no assassin's in this entry, i think im safe in my assessment. Im sure it links the precursor story but i dont see that in itself as reason to buy this game.

Scatpants89d ago

You'd probably have to play through the story to find out what it has to do with it.

JokerBoy42289d ago

So i should buy a game without knowing what it is in hopes of it working out for me? Lol no thanks.

riibhu89d ago

It's connected to assassins creed in modern day timeline.

Psychotica89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

For me I couldn't care less about the overarching Assassin's Creed story line with that animus immersion breaking crap. I just like the story in whatever the setting is, the big open world to explore and the combat.

warriorcase89d ago

We know there's no Assassins and we know it's set before Origins so the popular theory is that it is the origin story of the Templar's which hasn't really been dived into. I guess fans are interested enough to want to learn more. Probably also connects to the modern timeline after Layla is on the run and being hunted. Other titles such as black flag have dove into the Templar's side of the story a little but not to any great extent. So I guess fans that are really into AC might just see this as the next chapter of a much larger story and aren't too bothered.

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BigTrain89d ago

"Im still trying to figure out why Assassins Creed fans want an Assassins Creed game".
There, it's fixed.

RedDevils88d ago

or "Im still trying to figure out why Assassins Creed fans bother with another Assassins Creed game".

smolinsk89d ago

Absolutely yes, way to soon

joshljr89d ago

The article seems to imply because it has an annual release schedule that it takes them just a year to make the game. Surely that's nonsense?

While I'm by no means defending AC, don't particularly like the games... Surely the latest one has been in development for a couple of years already?

Psychotica89d ago

Well the good thing is that nobody is being forced to buy it when it comes out. If it's too early for you then wait a while..

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