Could Sony Have Handled the LBP Delay Better?

That Gaming Site looks into the LBP delay to see if Sony handled the situation in the best possible way. Looking at both "sides of the coin" to ask viewers what they think on the matter.

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Killjoy30003744d ago

They should've just said it was delayed to improve the game for the stupid people out there.

TOO PAWNED3744d ago

Read my comment from bellow. TOn of free PR, Sony on purpose went public about this, it was easy just to keep it quite but then no one would be talking about it. Smart move, if they did it on purpose as i suspect.

Killjoy30003744d ago

That's a good point, but a lot of people will view this as a negative thing, thinking the game is racist and such because they don't know the whole story.

Jamie Foxx3744d ago

a two week delay plenty off press why all this concern from people and sites who dont give a damn about sony?

strotee3744d ago

1 week, not 2 week delay

Mr_Bun3744d ago

I just called EB games and they said they are now looking at mid November (as opposed to Oct 21)...that is closer to 4 weeks now (at least for me)

strotee3744d ago

I apologize, Oct 27th is the release date for North America. Sometimes I forget a lot of us live in different continents.

season0073744d ago

to improve the game sounds like they are patching a crappy game to a less crappy game...

btw direct reply to the article is, I don't think there is any problem mentioning Qu'ran
Well, gamers aren't all angry kids, I can hardly find anyone around me act like the German kid on youtube yelling at the computer just because he can't wait for his copy of Unreal Tournament to load....a week or two, or maybe 4 for some other continents is not good, but it shouldn't make you yell at a specific group of people or plan a terror attack targeting them...Some people really need to face it, it is a game, it is a great game, but it is not the end of the world tomorrow...delaying it for respecting some people should be appreciated by ALL of us...Imagine if you are the few that is offended(not saying its a big deal that it offends but if it happens...), you will show more respect to the devs, the publisher, and sony as well..

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TOO PAWNED3744d ago

Better? HELL NO! They got TON of free PR cuz of this. Even here where are live (one EU country) they put it on morning news. They were actually talking about this incident and how it might offent muslims, but as they were doing that they were showing gameplay all the time, also saying that it is Sonys game for PS3 and stuff like that. I honestly think this will only help them in sales. Ton of free PR.

Elven63744d ago

A good point which is also mentioned in the article, if this does end up backfiring on Sony (which it might considering how far this has escaladed) it will probably be for that very reason.

504BADBOY3744d ago


Imallvol73744d ago

Yeah . . . by NOT HAVING A DELAY.

If ANY OTHER RELIGION was offended, it would have been tough luck.

Raoh3744d ago

they could have said they are investigating the report.

it was a forum report from some.................. one.... important to the gaming community? to a site? to a rival or friend of sony?

i dont think it was planned. this decision was made by SCEE

The same SCEE that is taking forever and bit more than they could chew with killzone 2.

The same SCEE that dropped eight days later and getaway for eyepet

The same SCEE that has a problem bring all the songs in the UK version of singstar to the US on time. thankfully that job is now in the hands of India.

and yes The same SCEE that jumped the gun on the delay of LBP.

SCEE can go to hell

after they release killzone of course :)

Aclay3744d ago

If Sony didn't have a delay for it and Sony didn't catch the word/phrase in the song that could have offended someone of a different religion, everyone would have been all over Sony just like some gaming websites are right now just because they made the smart decision to delay it.

LBP is one of Sony's biggest games and they just want it to be as perfect as it can be upon release and there's nothing wrong with that, even if it means the game has to be delayed a few weeks. Plus, the extra publicity will get more people aware of the game. And it's not like the publicity from the incident will hurt LBP because LBP isn't some violent video game.

Agent VX3744d ago

I agree that Sony did the right thing by delaying the launch and "Fixing" the problem, even if I don't see it as a problem.

Just look at a title like Resident Evil 5 and the amount of negative publicity it is getting, and all because a white dude isn't killing his usual white dudes, but is killing black zombies. 8-0 OMG!!! The travesty... *rolls eyes*

In the new age of where "offending" someone is way worst then kicking the crap out of them, this is the new reality we live in.

Diamondwolf3744d ago

If they'd shown the ethnic chick killing all the black guys, then it wouldn't have been a problem, just like it's not a problem for a white guy to kill a bunch of white guys.

But if you're doing gender mixing, imagine a black guy killing a bunch of white guys in a game, that would be wrong also and looked at as black supremacy.

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