Let’s not forget Sony played a vital role in inventing ‘cross-play’

These days, cross-play isn’t exactly a winning issue for PlayStation. But one of the craziest things about this entire controversy is the fact that Sony was an early pioneer in the world of cross-play. It even help usher that term into mainstream usage.

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kayoss66d ago

How is Sony anti consumer when they have the most cross play games?,

darthv7266d ago

Cross play between A & B is the first step. Hell I can remember playing quake 3 arena on the DC against the PC and it was pretty damn cool. Now that things between console and PC have improved, it's time to widen that field to let other consoles compete as well as mobile devices. It's a nice option to have and one, I feel, will be taken more advantage of in the 9th gen.

In the online space it should be an open market to any that want to jump in.

shloobmm365d ago

Yeah those were the days. Quake 3 on Dreamcast against PC guys was awesome even if the player count was limited.

Skull52164d ago

So they invented it and now want no part of it? I'm not sure why they believe no crossplay means another PlayStation sold, because that isn't how it works. Now you're contending with the customer realizing they can't play with their friends if they buy a PlayStation, it isn't good for business. I still think we are too far into this generation for it to matter but as next gen unfolds Sony will either adapt or learn this lesson the hard way, we'll see how this goes in the the next year or two.

doggo8464d ago (Edited 64d ago )

"we'll see how this goes in the the next year or two."

I'll tell you what happens. Sony releases spiderman, day's gone, TLOU 2, death stranding, ghost of tsushima, dreams, etc. All to high critical acclaim. PS4 lifetime sales are well over 100 000 000 by this time.

No one with a PS4 as a result gives a crap about cross play.

shloobmm365d ago

Cross playing between your own closed platforms(ps4 and Vita)is not the same. However if you want to go that route it's not even close because every bc 360 online game can be played between X1 and 360 sooooo....... yeah

ShadowWolf71265d ago

They have cross-play with PC and Mobile too, ya putz.

Dark_Knightmare265d ago

Well it’s a good thing they also have it with pc and mobile

Aenea64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Ehh, that's because they are still 360 games running on the X1 so of course they can be played against people on a 360, it's the same game, not a port or whatnot...

Also, PS3 and PS4 have cross-play with PC and mobile for many games tho (including Fortnite)...

doggo8464d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I bought a PS4 with the hopes of playing ps3 games. /s that's what everyone was hoping for coming into this gen. /s Backwards compatibility. What a pity Sony are only focusing on developing new generation IP's instead /s

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sampsonon65d ago

it's because they won't do it with their direct competitor.
they would be stupid to do so and it's an insult to their business.

next thing you know people will want to use a $20 apple card on a sony smartphone.
"sony is being anti consumer" stop crying about something that will never happen and ask MS to make games. that's where their energy should be directed.

ILostMyMind65d ago

This is cross buy through cross progression, they want it too.

Aenea64d ago

No, they want to use that $20 apple card on the Apple Store and buy DLC/in-game currency for a free to play game and then use it on PS4... That's what everyone wants, and this IS exactly the reason why Sony is so against account sharing/cross-saves, and yes, that is a separated thing from cross-play. Besides does anyone here think MS and Nintendo are ok with the scenario I just described? Heck no! Fortnite somehow is an exception for them, why? No clue...

FGHFGHFGH64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

“Please give me one good reason why we should even consider [enabling
Microsoft technology to work on competing systems]. (Hint: any good ans
wer needs to include making more money and helping kill Unix, Sybase or Oracle.)”
—James Allchin, Microsoft Senior Vice-President

RememberThe35764d ago

I knew I wasn't the only one who thought this was a Fortnite thing. People don't want cross play they want cross saves. Next they're gonna be pissed that Sony won't let you play your Xbox games in your PS4.

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King_Noctis65d ago

Most crossplay game only with pc you mean?

markzzbr65d ago

Don't play the idiot, you know exactly what is the cross-play issue today.

Eonjay64d ago

Its a fake pretend issue that no one care about. Yes we know. But to entertain the little platforms, we will indulge you.

Kumakai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

A couple of games no one is playing with pc and gen 7 - when that was included in the publishers exclusivity deals to bring those games to PlayStation, pc was to be included or no deal. Now at present, No Xbox or switch and only certain games pre-arranged games on pc. No fortnite, no minecraft, no rocket league, Madden, PES, FIFA, destiny, gta, etc. none of th biggest games.

If you play a game you purchased from a publisher and that game is available on all platforms, your money should grant you the ability to play with those people because the only reason you can’t is an arbitrary control decision from Sony alone. Everyone else is playing ball and fanboys need to stop finding free passes and excuses for the relatively few times Sony does screw up.

Aenea64d ago

Fortnite and Rocket League have cross-play with PC and PS4...


XBOX doesn't have cross play with Madden, PES, FIFA, destiny, or gta so why mention it when talking about SONY? Madden will run on origin for pc and xbox doesn't cross play with origin. Xbox fans don't seem to care that they can't crossplay with origin even on "exclusives" like titanfall or use their ea access sub on pc. If xbox is so much for cross play why don't they allow this? Even the pc version of call of duty bought from xbox store could not even play with other pc players!

kevnb64d ago

best example is them charging customers per game to use their emulators instead of just letting them use their old versions.

crazyCoconuts64d ago

The publishers are smart in blurring the lines with gamers around cross play. They say it's a cross play issue to get gamers upset, but the publishers don't really care about cross play. They care about CROSS BUY, because they ultimately want to sell you their digital goods through their store without paying the platform holder's cut.
If we just focused on cross play, Sony has been progressive with doing that with PC, just never with other consoles.

RememberThe35764d ago

DING DING DING We have a winner!

Bethesda, EA, Acti, Ubi, all of them want their own platforms and they want players to be able to play their games on any platform. How they think they can make that work economically is clearly beyond me. Why would a thrid party host your bandwidth with no financial compensation? Why would Sony let you buy all your stuff from MS then play it on their network? You know what, flip that. Why would MS let you buy all your stuff from Sony then play it on their network?

jimbost7964d ago

An example of anti consumer is charging people money to play a free to play game.

rainslacker64d ago

Because if you don't support MS, and its users, you're anti-consumer apparently.

As far as I can tell, Sony supports its users well enough. While I know there are genuine PS fans/owners who genuinely want the feature, I've only seen a few who seem really upset that it isn't there. Most seem like they'd be OK if it happened, but are otherwise indifferent to it. I think the only reason there seems to be so much angst among PS fans now over the topic, making it seem like those fans are more defending Sony, is because the topic has been made into this huge deal, when it never was. Prior to two years ago, this topic was barely ever mentioned. Even games that had cross play barely got any mention because of the feature. Maybe the nod, and the "hey cool, thanks for that" when it was announced but otherwise, no one really made a big fuss about its inclusion, maybe every few months an article about how MS sucked for not allowing it, but beyond that, it wasn't something I'd call a pressing issue in the community.

In any case, this isn't about who has the most cross play games. This is more about the fact that there is no cross play with Xbox....and maybe Switch, although I haven't seen too many Switch fans care that much. There is no reason for PC gamers to worry about it much.

KillBill64d ago

Because they restrict the crossplay option to a limited field. Trying to force out competition simply to drive personal company interests versus actual gamer(consumer) interests.

Nothing wrong with focusing on your own companies interests. But when a community of developers are trying to push a more global competitive arena for their games to be played in... then when a single developer that is leading the industry doesn't appear to back the true global theme it will be seen as hindering progression.

It is going to happen whether Sony likes it or not. MS, PC and Nintendo are all soon going to be in a global arena playing games with each other and Sony is going to have a large base that is restricted to limited access to said gameplay options.

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THC CELL66d ago

Back in days when portal come out ask ms they said no and no one bitched.

Today people bitch. About owt even been called a gender.

Cueil65d ago

they can't get Steam and Live to communicate now why do you think it would have worked then?

ILostMyMind65d ago

They can't or they don't want?

Aenea64d ago

Sure they can, it's just an excuse to say they can't. And besides, if you accept that why not accept that they can't get Live and PSN to communicate? Both aren't true so...


I think it's because steam users use win7 and xbox/ms store is win 10 only.

Aenea64d ago


Ahh so Win10 users never use Steam? That is what you're saying? :)

Besides, it's just network code, there's nothing preventing that code to run on Win10, 8 and 7 equally. Also games like a Fortnite on Xbox with Live does play with the PC version without issues. Everything can be made to talk to each other with enough effort...

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shloobmm365d ago

Shadowrun on Xbox 360 supported crossplay with PC before Portal did on PS3......

gravedigger64d ago

And also Sony supported cross-play since PS2 days.

shloobmm364d ago

Yes they had one game. Only because it was the only way they were going to get FFXI on their console.

Michiel198964d ago

And back in the day we lived in caves while only wearing loincloths. Times change.

I applaud Sony for being the one to pioneer crossplay when it comes to consoles, but I dont support them not enabling crossplay with other consoles. I hope they change their mind.

shloobmm364d ago

they didn't pioneer it. The Dreamcast did. Quake 3 arena could be played cross platform between pc and DC.

Spartacus1064d ago

True Sony fans despised MS's anti-consumer policies all along. Its a shame the fake ones of today are happy to see Sony's service compared to the low standards MS have been setting over the years.

shloobmm364d ago

you're an idiot. MS is by far the most consumer friendly company of the big 3.When was the last time you tried to get a refund on a digital PSN purchase?

Spartacus1063d ago

@ shloobmm3
There wasnt a last time because unlike a certain idiot, I check credible reviews to see whether I want the game before I buy it.

"MS is by far the most consumer friendly company of the big 3"
LOL you have a very short memory. The only reason xbox is still a half respectable brand is because of this:

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66d ago Replies(2)
Master of Unlocking66d ago

Sony need to implement it, and fast, this is causing them to garner a lot of bad press. C'mon Sony, remember the days of Final Fantasy XI, you did allow gamers on PS to play with gamers on Xbox! The former aren't gonna run away if you allow it, but they well might do if you don't!

OB1Biker66d ago

Nobody is running away but people easily run with the press indeed.

2pacalypsenow65d ago

It's not affecting anything for PlayStation.

People are still buying games on PS4 and the console is still selling.

Suave_Langosta64d ago

Do you guys ever realize how pretentious you all sound?

At the end of the day, anti consumer tactics are garbage whether you're pc, xbox, ps, nin, or whatever else there is.

No one cares playbststion is in the lead, if anything being in the lead should make them more comfortable with the idea of cross play. More playstation owners than the others so why not let the others play with a massive and still growing play base.

But you ps players are so blind to how they are shafting you guys its funny. Yes yes you have good games and yes there is a better selection of titles and genres which is something to be proud of. But you guys act like you have stocks in Sony, supporting anti consumer(you guys) blindly.

I'm a pc gamer but on the outside looking in at least xbox is listening and trying to make up lost ground from their xbox one botched launch. Like i said PS has the games but anti consumerism will come back to bite any company in the ass, that's the facts of commerce.

BlaqMagiq164d ago

It doesn't matter if they garner bad press for this. They are still leading the competition in sales and still putting out critically acclaimed games that are boosting their sales. They could never do cross play with Xbox and Nintendo and it won't affect them in the slightest.

Apocalypse Shadow66d ago

All these garbage articles that go over this same topic over and over to stir things up seem to forget that:

*Sony's console offers more cross play games than their competitors.

*Never, ever seem to put out articles that talk about paying for xbl to play (((FREE))) to play games like Fortnite. No uproar.

*Always exclude what Sony's competitors DON'T cross play with.

*Ignore every other game that doesn't offer cross progression. Only what Sony doesn't allow.

*82 million or so bought PS4 without BC, without ultra hd, without dolby atmos, without crossplay, without portability because Sony offers the most diverse amount of games and experiences like vr that are exclusives on top of exclusives on top of 3rd party games. While having the biggest console online community.

*Think that a console manufacturer would be fine with you buying micro transactions and dlc on a competing platform to play on another when that company offers those items on their own virtual store for 3rd parties to sell and make royalties from. All 3rd party content would have to be sold in game or in the cloud for any of it to work.

*The companies crying about it don't make hardware to worry about. Some that have the privilege to have their games sold in a market place of millions are now feeling entitled. Let's see them sell 500 million consoles instead of riding the success of others who make it.

If it happens, fine. If it doesn't, get over it. Unless there is something new to bring up about cross play, there are hundreds of other gaming things happening that could be covered. Like paying for free to play.

ShottyatLaw66d ago

I can hear you rage typing from here...

People aren't ignoring all of these other issues just because there is a bit of negative press being slung Sony's way. Calm down and go read the thousands of other articles if you don't want to discuss it.

kayoss65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Yes, people are ignoring those facts he stated. Every Xbox fans are jumping on that hate train against Sony and their cross play stance. That’s the only thing they mention that is bad about Sony. But they never talk about what Xbox required if crossplay for PS4 and Xbox. The requirements benefits Xbox more than it does ps4.

ShottyatLaw65d ago

We can ask Epic, Bethesda, Psyonix, or Nintendo about it if you are curious about requirements.

As much as some try to make this an MS vs. Sony thing, it's not. Ironically, it didn't hit a higher level of attention until Nintendo was involved.

But don't let facts get in the way of your pity party.

Apocalypse Shadow65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Shotty,there's no bitterness at all. I'm playing the most successful console this generation, the highest rated games, the most exclusives and vr that is crazy immersive.

I'm not the one crying about cross play with Sony because of lower player counts on the other systems.

I'm not the one still waiting for cloud power and another mediocre game pass game with a celebrity tacked on it. Go Terry Cruise! Yeah!

I'm not the one waiting for better exclusives that may only happen on next Gen hardware.

I'm not the one waiting for "high fidelity vr."

I'm not the one that puts features and UI changes ahead of games like they matter more than games.

I'm not the one buying $150-$200 controllers to play games the exact same way as the regular controller.

I'm not the one waiting and hoping for that last kinect game before it fades into obscurity from the bargain bin.

You want to play with others on PS4? Buy a PS4. And stop crying over features that Sony doesn't need to help Microsoft with. Because misleading gamers with "player engagement numbers" instead of actual SALES aren't helping them.

I'm actually enjoying your bitterness that Sony is doing so well without cross play hype and fake outrage.

ShottyatLaw65d ago

"There's no bitterness at all."

Well, Maury, your second rage rant says that was a lie.

"I'm playing the most successful console this generation, the highest rated games, the most exclusives and vr that is crazy immersive."

Hey cool! I'm playing on PS4, too! I thought it would be difficult to join the team, but the guy at the store just took my money and gave me the box. It was crazy! Same thing happened when I got my Switch, X1, and PC (that last one came via the magical interwebz).

(Remainder of rage rant)

See, people do talk about all of those issues! Now, it's probably a bit unhealthy to constantly talk about those thing every single chance you get, but whatever floats your boat!

65d ago
64d ago
Old_Prodigy64d ago

You know what's more funny Oliver? The fact that Shotty here never explained or even gave an example of how Shadow was "raging" and is "bitter."

In fact, he made himself seem bitter in my eyes since he is clearly baiting Shadow. "I can hear your rage typing from here." From what context?? hahaha Nothing I read from the comment indicates rage.

"Go read the thousands of other articles if you don't want to discuss it." I guess he missed all of those valid points that added to the discussion that were in the comment that he initially replied to. No differing opinions allowed or what?

All the pathetic attempts at humor have me wondering if he's actually here to "discuss" anything. All I'm seeing is Maury references, rubbish about all of the platforms he plays on and some randomness about boats floating. Seems like this statement (Calm down and go read the thousands of other articles if you don't want to discuss it) suits it's OP better than the recipient.

showtimefolks64d ago


He is right when Sony actually allows you to play free to play games without requiring psn plus how are they anti consumer

Bethesda are known playstation haters so they can screw themselves they have treated playstation fanbase like crap and now they care. They are known to show favoritism to Xbox

Know your history between Nintendo and sony before talking. Sony will never work with Nintendo

Epic stayed quite while making millions even they Knew well in advance about the thing with fortnite and cross save


Sony don't care about this vocal minority because they have sold the most consoles in June and July amid all these hate articles


Haters gonna hate. I wish these fanboys would out the same energy into hating on Xbox and me that way they may get some decent games but they are so desperate to play with playstation fanbase

ShottyatLaw64d ago

@Old prodigy

You're so right. I guess an article concerning Sony's historical implementation of CP HAS to have a complete rundown of all of all of the positives about the system, too? Because that is relevant and not a triggered rage response at all.

The slightest negativity triggered a full defense mode meltdown.

Example: If in response to someone pointing out that Sony helped pioneer CP, you find yourself crying about sales numbers, controller prices, or sales metrics, you might be a bitter fanboy.

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Cueil65d ago

and none of that changes the fact that their stance on cross play sucks... and you trying to say otherwise maybe makes you part of the problem

Unreal0164d ago

...or that people just don't care? That's a thought.

Rude-ro64d ago

They have the most cross play titles..
Even Microsoft’s play anywhere only requires Xbox version purchases to crossplay.
So how is sonys crossplay worse than any others?
These are licensed product sold on a device... of course there are a lot of things to consider before opening up to competitors.

ndonnine65d ago

Yeah.. your points aren't entirely value but it's cool. You're fan boy raging.

Rude-ro64d ago

100% this

All the suits sit around in Microsoft headquarters and pick apart everything they can send out to their media partners to create a negative tone against a competitor.
They have been sued for it before, and if I were Sony, would be connecting the dots here as well.
Literally every article written on this subject has not only ignored facts, but even have straight up lied to consumers.
This is putting gaming journalism in the trash and has solidified that lying and working for the almighty dollar is more important than anything else.
Reviews, etc... every site is noted.
It’s a shame.

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