No, Nintendo doesn't need VR

Once again, VR has surfaced in the news in connection to the Nintendo Switch. VR on Nintendo's current platform would only harm its current success.

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Apocalypse Shadow90d ago

Where should I begin....

**(VR) has been met with mixed to negative results commercially**

Subjective. Consumer vr has never existed until now. It has sold millions of units across mobile, pc, stand alone and console. Pong and Atari didn't sell 100 million like today. That took time. It's doing fine. Stop thinking gaming started 10 years ago.

**Many will concur that there is a steep drop-off to that initial excitement after a short time with the technology. In other words, the positive experiences don’t endure.**

Subjective. Others will say there isn't any drop off and play more vr than flat screen games like myself now. The excitement continues. Speak for yourself.

**I don’t feel like the technology is ready for its place in the mainstream gaming arena.**

I guess pong and Atari weren't ready either. But look what market they helped create that you benefit from article writer. Did you forget how gaming started?

**should Nintendo consider it in the near future, they’d be taking an extreme risk.**

That's how things get started. Someone takes a risk.

**Virtual Reality is simply more physically demanding than the gaming audience prefers.**

Didn't know sitting on a couch with an hmd and a controller in hand was a demanding option.

**medical professionals warned of the risk to eyesight that VR poses.**

Medical professionals say the same for television, cell phones, computer monitors while typing, etc. And to take 15 minute breaks. Tell us something new.

**Furthermore, the use of motion controls will become tiresome.**

Says you if you're lazy.

Article goes on and on with negativity. Multiple switches could link by wifi or adhoc to play together. Right now, Bandai Namco has gamers playing together with mario kart in the arcades with the consent of Nintendo that may come home one day.
Comparing vr sales to PS4 sales and attachment rate is idiotic. There are $60 games that don't sell 1 to 1. Even $10 games don't sell 1 to 1. Does that mean those games are failures? Idiotic.

Why type all this complete nonsense and just say you don't like vr and don't want nintendo to enter the market? Nintendo could make excellent vr games if they tried that doesn't require reality looking graphics. And the joycons are pretty much vr ready. Labo Toycons tell me nintendo is more than creative in making fun vr. They made cardboard fun. CARDBOARD.

How do you know what nintendo needs or could possibly help make even better.

chinton90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

For starters, this is a subjective article peppered with fact as support.

"Article goes on and on with negativity"

So you are arguing with the opinion that VR would be negative option for Nintendo economically. That's stated clear in the title so it's hard to understand your surprise at the arguments in favor of that theme.

"Comparing vr sales to PS4 sales and attachment rate is idiotic. There are $60 games that don't sell 1 to 1. Even $10 games don't sell 1 to 1. Does that mean those games are failures? Idiotic."

$60 games have an entire consoles player base to sell to. VR games only had 3% of Sony's player base to sell to. I don't think you understood the statistic. I'd be happy to have a conversation, though, should you provide a counter argument that isn't calling your opposition "idiotic".

It also seems you pulled quotes from the article out of context. The "physically demanding" comment was in regards to the eyes strain from over stimulation. Again, this is a fact supported by the medical community. This doesn't compare to using cell phones or watching TV. It's truly an over stimulating experience for the optics.

I agree, however, with your statement that joy-con are practically geared up for it. It's true, they certainly seem to be the perfect fit for a VR experience.

Again, I am happy to hear counter arguments. The article invited as much, but let's not let the basis of them devolve into insults.

Apocalypse Shadow90d ago

My response is peppered with facts. VR has sold millions. PSVR has just sold 3 million at $200-$500 dollars with attachments if you buy them. It's not cheap. Don't expect it to sell 50 million its first time around. Comparing it to PS4 sales is unfair. It costs as much or more than PS4. It's foolish to do that. Only someone born yesterday would think every product has to sell to everybody right off the bat. Fads and gimmicks do. Then die off. VR developers don't want it to drop off like wii did. They want to nurture it over time because it will take time. As I said above, gaming didn't start yesterday. VR deserves to be allowed time as well.

Eyestrain applies to many products. You saying it about vr only shows that you don't want it to succeed. Gamers get eyestrain from playing regular flat screen games. Doctors talk about cell phones hurting our eyes just recently
Should we all stop playing? All we need to do is come up with filters to protect our eyes just as we filter sunlight from our eyes with shades. And take breaks as all electronics require for good eye health.

For vr to reach more people over time and get better, more developers and hardware manufacturers need to be on board. That includes nintendo. And more risk from Microsoft instead of having other hardware makers producing hmds on pc for them. They got the money but never really take risks. They always look for sure things that generate money immediately.

Gaming developed over time. VR needs that same time. If gamers like me didn't buy pong and Atari, colecovision,nes, master system, etc, gaming would have just been a gimmick too and died off.

Why do you expect it to immediately sell to everyone on its first go around at a high price at that?

Davidgr290d ago

More like Nintendo CAN’T do VR. 720p 30 fps or lower doesn’t work for VR....

Fearmonkey90d ago

Has the writer of the article ever played Playroom VR's Robot Rescue on PSVR? If not, they need to play that and then they will see what they are missing with Nintendo not doing VR. Im looking forward to Astrobot, Robot Rescue was amazing.

chinton90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Admittedly, I have not. I played Arkham, Rush of Blood, Re7, among others but never did try the playroom. Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.

Fearmonkey89d ago

Also check out Moss, another great example. :)

VendettaGamer90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Need a strong word. But it would be nice to have. Just look up Mario Kart VR and think that that could be a possibility. Plus remastered of Virtual boy games could be awesome.

AK9190d ago

No it doesn't but neither did Sony and its cool that they support it, although with Nintys currently underpowered hardware I doubt they could support VR.