Take a Closer Look at the Marvel’s Spider-Man Hype Train Running Under New York City

The subway train dedicated to Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 that Sony prepared in Manhattan shown in videos and high-resolution pictures.

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ZaWarudo89d ago

Holy crap that's what i call marketing. Must be expensive. Fitting to use the S train, unfortunately i don't use the S train. I believe it's a one stop from Grand Central to Times Square, probably the shortest train route in NYC.

NewMonday89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

people literally getting on the hype train

mandingo89d ago

Damn Sony always markets their games in crazy ways. I remember God of War had like an on court visual presentation at the Golden State Warriors Basketball game. Pretty cool.

DrumBeat88d ago

Microsoft has gone pretty crazy with Halo in the past, but not quite on this scale. Yeah, that's quite the push there.

Gamist2dot089d ago

Wonder how many people will try to remove newspaper from the seat by mistake lol.

LOCO20988d ago

Now that is some phenomenal advertising. Hype Train full speed ahead!