StrategyCore: Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest Review

StrategyCore writes: "Multiwinia. From 'Multi' - a prefix, meaning "having many", 'win' - a verb, meaning to achieve victory, and 'ia' - God knows, quite frankly.

Multiwinia is a real-time strategy (or real-time tactics, if you want to get stroppy) game, with one to four players, six different modes, and 50 maps. In Domination, you squabble over spawn points. In King of the Hill, you fight to occupy scoring zones. Capture the Statue is like capture the flag, except the statues are big, heavy, it takes lots of 'winians to move them, and they are more fragile than your grandmother's hips. Assault is limited to two teams (but still up to four players), with one defending a bomb, and the other attacking. Rocket Riot gives each player a rocket to fuel, crew and launch, which the enemy can of course interfere with. Blitzkrieg involves capturing a line of flags that link your home flag to your opponent's."

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