GameSpy: FarCry 2 Review

GameSpy writes: "Joseph Conrad's 1902 novella Heart of Darkness explored a brilliant man's descent into savagery in the heart of the African jungle. There's no question that Ubisoft's Far Cry 2 takes these same themes and presents them in a modern context (there's even an area near the climax of the game called "Heart of Darkness.") In the same way that the novel's enigmatic Kurtz played native tribes against each other, Far Cry 2's villain "The Jackal" is selling arms to two modern-day African warlords in a devastated nation. And as a player, you're beginning your own savage journey to the jungle's lawless heart to stop him".

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Immortal Kaim3701d ago

I'm a little surprised by these review score after seeing the game in action, I know these score aren't bad as such but the game looked amazing.

Will have to see what I think once I get my hands on a copy tomorrow

Vecta3701d ago

Its so peaceful and quite in multi-platform game news.

baraka0073701d ago

I really don't care what gamespy says i'll try it myself... but to complain that the game is too wide open seems to be kinda silly. It's like giving a platformer game a bad score because you have to jump alot or that a horror game has too much blood and gore... it's what the game is supposed to be like. If this person doesn't like playing wide open games why is he the one reviewing it?

DARKTRINITYxxx3701d ago

Has scored pretty good in other reviews. Wouldnt pay to much attention tbh you always get the odd review that scores lower then the others.