HyperX unveils gaming microSD cards

The new HyperX Gaming microSD Cards feature read speeds of 100MB/s and write speeds of 80MB/s.

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TheSoundDefense61d ago

I absolutely need one of these for my Switch. I might actually need two, because my 3DS is currently rocking an older 64GB card and loading is slow as molasses.

Agent_00_Revan61d ago

Unless I'm missing something special with these cards, you can get the same thing with the Samsung EVO Select cards. Better intact, because the EVO cards are 100MB/s Read & 90MB/s Write instead of 80MB/s Write these are listed at. And a 256GB is only $89 on Amazon vs the $199 the article is listing the HyperX for.

Jorgeb9361d ago

Still Cheaper than Nintendo Licenced SD cards