Doom Eternal "Mortally Challenged" Joke is Offensively Boring

The edgy humour in the recent Doom Eternal gameplay demo at QuakeCon 2018 may seem like harmless fun to some, but reading into the implications reveal some worrying possibilities.

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TheOptimist67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

1. It is not boring.

2. It definitely isn't offensive. (If this is offensive to you, I wonder what people like Anthony Jeselnik would do to your fragile heart)

But hey, I don't live in a first world country, so what would I know anyways.

It's not surprising to see how they delve into polictics. If anything it is a mockery of prevalent trends and I love that.

Now taking offense on something in a game that's obviously a joke, that's offensive, not just to me, but to a medium where people should be able to express themselves freely.

Chaosdreams67d ago

When tired, always just go with "I'm offended that you're offended." It's usually a good way to end a pointless discussion that clutches to ones emotional stature.

Aeery67d ago

I dont know weather to laugh or cry ...
SJWs are a very bad plague.
They really are narrow minded and this is a real problem.

TedCruzsTaint67d ago

It's hard to pull that one off when most people that know you are aware you are devoid of emotions in general. The struggle is real.

zackeroniii67d ago

on behalf of us all, you, JaffaMeister, are just a bich.

RosweeSon66d ago

Shiiii someone’s reading faaaar too much into something very minor. Get a grip Jaffa.

TheCommentator67d ago

Agreed! Check out these quotes:

"Until around the 1970s, people with physical disabilities were called “cripples.” That’s not common vernacular anymore, and when it is used nowadays then it’s often as a derogatory slur."

Cripple: A person with a severe limitation of a specified kind.
Disabled: Having a physical or mental condition that limits movements, senses, or activities.

"White people used to call Native Americans 'Indians'...”

Indian: A member of any of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America, especially those of North America.
Native American: A member of any of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America.

"Transgender people used to be called “transsexuals..."

Transsexual: A person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex.
Transgender: A person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

"British colonials used to call anyone from Asia 'Oriental'."

Oriental: A person of East Asian descent.
Asian: A native of Asia or a person of Asian descent.

"All of these words were phased out of parlance, on account of the fact that they were harmful or insensitive to the people they were being used to refer to because those people voiced discontent and fought to be treated with greater empathy."

Um, really? These words aren't insensitive to anybody that isn't TOO SENSITIVE to begin with. It's literally what the words mean, and in no case did I find anything in searching these definitions that mentions them being derogatory or insensitive... perhaps I should have looked in the Snowflakes' Dictionary of Harmless Yet Offensive Terminology instead???

Tomato, Tomahto...

T2X67d ago

Terms are offensive if people allow them to be perpetuated. As they say, sticks and stones. We are fortunate to live in a country where the worst thing some of us may encounter is someone else's slang terminology for something, be it race or sexuality.
Just know that some people put their lives on the line and have died so that we may only be offended and not rounded up and imprisoned because of what we say. People need to just stop being shitheads. In other words, if you can't argue intelligently, just be quiet.

subtenko66d ago

If its said to be offensive, its like they are the ones making it offensive when the other person is using it how its defined! The same situation can happen with any saying or word or even a made up thing like "Freaking Blueberry!" and in the other persons mind it could be some slur, but you dont know what they are thinking so you cant say that.

I wish people would just drop it all because its all just very stupid

Noskypeno66d ago

@subtentko, thats what they did in 2016 when i think some censorship was going on all over, so people made new insults like googles skypes and skittles. Thats where my username came from. It died out but the point still remains that when one term is banned people will find another.

FinalFantasyFanatic66d ago

Imagine if things were in the crappy, and we had a world war, famine, lack of safe drinking water, shelter, ect... It's crazy how incredible soft and sensitive people have become, it'd be eye opening to see how these people would handle the world as it was 100 years or more ago.

RememberThe35766d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I'm a pround supporter of human rights and kindness in general, but this shit is getting to be too much. Every adjective we use to describe something rare or different from the norm is being turned into some sort of insult that we then can't use anymore. I'm dyslexic and if people start making dyslexic a curse word I'm f*ckin done.

They're just words!

66d ago
TheCommentator66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

@ Danny

Try reading buddy. The definitions, as mentioned in my OP, don't say anything about being derogatory. Matter of fact they're identical to one another. A small group of people can't just all of the sudden say that a word is insensitive when there's nothing wrong with the terminology being used, and every "socially acceptable" word I'd chosen was synonymous with the "offensive ones".
"Nigger", otoh, was a term given to an African slave by their white "owners" and is not synonymous with black or African American terminology. Look...

Nigger: A contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person.
African American: Relating to black Americans.

Notice the definition of nigger includes the word contemptuous yet none of the ones in my OP show anything similar? You're barking up the wrong tree on this one, but I respect the hardships you've dealt with in your country. In the long run, what I'm saying is that if these words are truly offensive to the entire culture and not just some people complaining too loudly, then the definitions would include additional context to elaborate that they are culturally insensitive.

I'm not going to go on, but you need to understand the difference between actual words and derogatory slang! FYI, I have Asperger's and have dealt with ridicule all my life so you need to back off a bit.

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Soc567d ago

Yup, I’m offended, as well. At the use of the term offensively boring. Boring people have been treated poorly for so long. It is offensive to correlate being boring as a negative. Why can’t being boring be good. Like man that nap was so boring!

Boring people unite!
It’s time to get offended once more.

Kavorklestein67d ago

I was born this kind of boring, and there's nothing I can do about it! I will always be this kind of boring, create laws about my preferred boring ass ways of life, and make all my boring friends have to cater to me and my boredom!

I'm not gonna stop until all boring people can be bored in peace! (Which honestly sounds Boring)

trooper_66d ago

This SJW crap is so stupid.

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LightofDarkness67d ago

Anyone who uses terms like SJW (on either side) needs to be sterilised.

Hand it over, kiddo. You won't be needing it. We'll use it to make a more life like imitation for the lonely or more sexually adventurous. There's dignity in being an organ donor. But not in comments like yours.

Eonjay67d ago

Absolutely agree. Kids these days don't understand that the real plague is being offended at being offended. And not having the testicular fortitude to take an opinion. Like damn so what if someone finds something offensive. Calling someone SJW isn't a counter argument. It is a weak scapegoat tactic that saves you from engaging in a conversation. No one ever said you have to agree to anyone's opinion.

Srhalo67d ago

SJW has just become a word for people who lack the intelligence to explain what they don't like.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME67d ago

Social Justice Warriors are a plague.

Surt67d ago

Found the bleeding heart.

SyntheticMan67d ago

How exactly is being offended at others being offended a plague? Do these people call you a cis white racist misogynistic male nazi? Do they try to censor any art that triggers them due to their insane, cult-like ideology?

That's why we get pissed off when people write articles like this. Anything an SJW does is agenda-driven trash. There is no discussion to be had with these people, they are incredibly closed-minded (ironically) and will just try to shut you down by calling you one of the many insults above. Most people don't waste their time anymore, you'll probably just get blocked/banned from their "safe spaces".

67d ago
Omnisonne67d ago

What, you can't call people out for crying over nothing? If so you're crying yourself..? That makes little sense.
People aren't necessarily offended at someone else being offended, but rather tired or frustrated of the pettiness of it all, of the (quite frankly) children that are up in arms about a couple of lighthearted satire jokes.
Combined with the possibility of iD soft possibly removing said jokes should those children stamp their feet loud enough, I think people are right to call out these >SJWs< for their petty crap.

Omegasyde67d ago

So you tried to make SanFanFreako look like a douche, but it backfired on you.....

Pot meet kettle

🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 318;‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

annoyedgamer67d ago

Will you be conducting this sterilization in gulags or concentration camps?

TheCommentator67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

@ Eonjay

I'm offended that you're offended by SanFranFreako being offended by SJW's being offended by inoffensive words... when does it end... when everyone's offended by everything? Being tolerant, not offended, is the way the world should work or eventually all of our liberties will be gone and everything will be offensive.

The real issue is that every small group of offended people think they can tell everyone else what's acceptable because the complain loudly enough.

NecrumOddBoy67d ago

Social Justice Activist = "This building doesn't have a handicap ramp, so let's petition the county to build one."

Social Justice Warrior = "Let's punish the people who own the building for discrimination against the upward-walkerly different.

bluefox75566d ago

Why? That's exactly what they are, they're moral police. People who would absolutely use the power of the law to censor things they don't like. We need a word to point these people out, as they're dangerous to society. I'll keep using it, and continue to reproduce :)

madpuppy66d ago

This is a bizarre comment, SJW's call themselves "SJW's" and don't think it's a slight.

FinalFantasyFanatic66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

What else are you going to call them though? SJW is a blanket term for a wide variety of issues that a minority of people take issue with, no one is going to sit down and write down every possible term or offensive when they get stupidly petty.

I've sympathetic to people when life causes them hardship, but I have no sympathy for people who offended so easily by things like the phrases in this game and I think it's wrong to sympathize with them. I'm sure there are people that think my view is wrong, but tough bickies.

Eonjay66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Until you guys realize that you are the ones being triggered by someone else's opinion, you will never understand how you are being used or how stupid a blanket term like social justice is. The guy has an opinion. Even if you don't agree, he still gets to express it. Be man enough to deal. You don't want to stop free expression. We fight nail and tooth to protect the artistic express of developers even if we don't agree with their underlying vision. Wake up. Until you can live in a world with dissenting opinions, you will never be anything more than a tool and you yourselves will lose rights.

Its not about saying you are right or wrong, its about the framework in which you choose to have discourse and your right to do so. It is your damn right to be disagreeable. Why don't you get this?


"The real issue is that every small group of offended people think they can tell everyone else what's acceptable because the complain loudly enough"

ITS BECAUSE THEY CAN. Don't you get it? You have the right as you are doing now, to tell me how I should react to someone's statements. And you HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO. Its like talking to brick walls. Deal with differing opinions. No one said you had to accept/agree or change yourself to satisfy them. But they and you and I don't lose our right to express ourselves. The moment we try to do that, we all lose.

SoulMikeY66d ago

Eonjay, it’s not being offended at being offended. If someone murders another person, they are referred to as a murderer. They’re not called that because someone’s offended, they are called that because that is what they are.

Calling it like it is, is not being offended.

Also, why is there this falsified deep internal fear that using terminology will lead to bad treatment? Using the term “retarded” doesn’t mean I’ve ever used it to describe a mentally handicapped person. Saying “faggot” has never been against a homosexual, or ever thought it’s tied to seeing them as any less of a regular ass human. Articles like this make people want to be... humans. “You wanna say some shit? I’m gonna say some shit. Don’t be a bitch.”

markzzbr66d ago

@Eonjay @LightofDarkness Sjws are a plague. [3]

Gh05t66d ago


"has just become a word for people who lack the intelligence to explain what they don't like."

The same could be said for "right-wing"

ajax1766d ago

wow, your comment is cringy as fuck

GrubsterBeater66d ago

You and the other bleeding heart, close-minded social justice warriors need to read a little book called 'The Gulag Archipelago' by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. You SJW's, in your Nazi Brown Shirt-esque tactics of shutting down people's free speech, are quickly directing our country towards an Orwellian, propaganda filled world where those who speak out or use "offensive terms" will be sent to gulags and/or concentration camps to be "sterilized" as you put it, in order to "rehabilitate" those who don't share your crazy SJW, cult-like ideology.

You SJW's are all just a bunch of delusional, crazed, demagogues who, ironically, shut down opinions or thoughts contrary to yours.

Welcome to Seperated, Bigoted(against Whites), Social Justice Communism Nation (with no borders) States of America. Formerly known as the United States of America.

Fuck your feelings. I love this country and I won't let you crazy cult members destroy it and slowly erode our constitution.

You people are insane.

TheCommentator66d ago

@ Eonjay

The irony in your post is hilarious!

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RollingSquare67d ago

''Like damn so what if someone finds something offensive.''

I would agree with you, were it not for the fact that the SJWs certainly care, and they do their best to make others care. They do their best to censor anythign they find offensive, and even when they don't, they try to sway public opinion, often with lies, half-truths, misinformation, or other forms of propaganda. They literally think being offended is a form of violence that has been done to them. In their mind, it gives them every right to try to destroy you. It's basically what's happening with the extreme leftist Antifa. Or that Hollywood actor who once said that because he disagrees with people, he can 'punch some people in the face'.

These people are dividing the US and all you fools do is sit there and go ''so what if somebody finds something offensive?''. It's not ''somebody'', it's entire media outlets and people being propagandized into aggressive mobs. And they're going to come for 'toxically masculine' video games too, eventually. But thanks for your intelligent input. And btw, nobody is required to engage in conversation, if people just want to call somebody an SJW (when they are) then that's fine.

It's ironic that you would say people don't ''have the testicular fortitude to take an opinion'', because you're getting pissed over the opinion that ''SJWs are a plague''.

Omegasyde67d ago

Good points.

Its like SJWs are the evolved version of “hipsters”.

Edgy people whom are in the minority trying to make everyone sway towards thier thinking despite the rationale.

Oschino190767d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Ever see a leftist try to use the term "snowflake"? They can't even mock people without making up their own definitions to suit their agenda.

@Omega https://www.realclearpoliti...

thejigisup66d ago

Why are we forgetting about SIWs? Social Injustice Warriors have seemingly all been pushed to their limits about people being offended by people who voice their offense that both some SJWs and SIWs have taken offense at others being offended by another's offensive words or actions. Quite frankly that offends me.

instantstupor66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

And you're offended that "SJWs" are offended, and the world goes round and round.

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AK9167d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The replies to your comments from said SJWs actually proves your point, they really are a plague.

SenorFartCushion66d ago

Social Justice Warrior used to be a lovely term. People started using it to describe old superheroes in Action Comics before they became what they were.

Now it's just *that* term used by a wide selection of idiots as they continue their ongoing war on niceness across the internet; we have sexed up selfish, middle-class idiots fighting against everything anybody says and deeming it "problematic" and we have sexless virgin incels giving the media an excuse to cheer for the selfish middle classers.

Scatpants66d ago

War on niceness? Is that seriously why you think people don't like SJWs?

Gh05t66d ago

I have a hard time taking anyone who uses the term incels un-ironically, seriously.

SenorFartCushion66d ago


I thought of writing the C word but I'd be banned.

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Jinger67d ago

Ahhh welcome to the current climate of comedy where you can't make jokes poking fun at current issues without a bunch of triggered nancy's getting their panties in a bunch.

Omegasyde67d ago

I am offended of your use of the word “Nancy”.

Nancy was my great great great great grandmother whom was a Survior of the Saxon war.


subtenko66d ago

Nancy is a bad word in non English language, please dont say that....

SenorFartCushion66d ago

Grandma Nancy truly was the social justice warrior.

Araragifeels 67d ago

How can the word "Demon" is an offensive term? Jesus, Mortally Challenge aka SJW people get offensive just for any little and specially when you go near their imaginery bubble.

KwietStorm67d ago

I'm offended by your lack of proofreading.

Araragifeels 67d ago

I could care less about proofreading. I will focus on that once I get back to class.

TheOptimist67d ago

I love the comment and reaction here.

Uglyday67d ago

Demon and Jesus in one post! Careful or you might incapacitate the author of this article.

G3ng4r67d ago

Boohoo my feelings. Your freedom of speech ends where my feelings begin you know this. Pronouns etc.

Gh05t66d ago

Please tell that to the author of this article because that is where it should start.

FinalFantasyFanatic66d ago

I can understand if it was against your religious belief, but if that was the case you wouldn't be looking at a game like Doom in the first place.

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ReesesPuffs67d ago

I thought it was hilarious. If you're getting offended by a throwaway joke in a video game or you're shocked you're being offended by a Doom game you need to take a step back and reevaluate your life decisions.