Fallout 76 Multiplayer Video Encourages Co-op Play

From PlayStation Universe: "The latest Fallout 76 multiplayer video puts the focus firmly on co-op play. Decked out in Fallout’s trademark cartoon-style, the trailer is brought to us by the Vault-Tec American Tricentennial Committee."

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Kaze88159d ago

...aand the only way to play or enjoy the game :)

psuedo159d ago

I want to kill people though : (

smolinsk158d ago

So why not making it a Co-op game from the start, people would have been fine with that instead of pvp nonsens. the game is about exploration and building as it is, and that is perfect for co-op

Crazyglues157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Well I can tell you the main reason it wasn't like that from the start, Not Ready... Bethesda studio, did not have the game ready for co-op and multi-player ready for when the game was launching, so instead of delay the game a year they did this instead, release single-player while continue working on co-op and multi-player, it's not ideal but it is what they decided to do... Then release this as it's own experience --aka vault 76

If you just look at the Fallout franchise these games always take a long time to make and come out, I wish other companies would do what COD did, have 3 teams working on the game, That way a team get's 3 years but fans get a quality game coming out every year / or if not every year at least every 2... - But the question is would you buy a fallout every year.. fans already complain this is too soon for another fallout... LoL (I say to that, what do you want the next game to come out when your dead, and no longer play video games.) :) We are already waiting long times for good games / it took 5 years to make this God Of War - 5 years is just too long to be waiting.. I think as long as the quality is there, fans won't be upset.

These games are just taking too long to make, studio's need to find ways to cut down these development times..