GamePro: Skate 2 Preview

GamePro writes: "Before Skate came out in 2007, it was pretty clear that Tony Hawk ruled the video game skateboarding world with an iron fist. Then EA jumped into the game with Skate which provided a more realistic, and successful, alternative to the Tony Hawk franchise. With the next Tony Hawk title not due out until late next year, EA hopes to seize the opportunity to establish a hit series with Skate 2.

Those that played the first Skate will no doubt be familiar with the city where the game takes place in San Vanelona. However, may not recognize the landscape since Skate 2 takes place five years later in an earthquake ravaged version of the city now entitled New San Vanelona. The good thing is that a friendly neighborhood corporation called the Mongo Co. has taken the liberty of rebuilding the city. The bad thing is that their security guards aren't so friendly - especially to skateboarders! Your character isn't fazed by them too much though, having spent most of the last five years in prison, and is intent on making enough skateboarding money to stick it to the corporate stiffs."

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galgor3646d ago

awesome stuff. Can't wait for this one :D