Will Doom Eternal get mods? “No guarantees,” says executive producer Marty Stratton

Marty Stratton is talking about why Doom Eternal may not support mods during his interview with VG24/7 at QuakeCon 2018.

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DefenderOfDoom2154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

I want all the DOOM 2 levels with all the secrets done with new DOOM demons and weapons . I love Sandy Pedersons twisted DOOM 2 levels . Please 'make it so' .

DVAcme154d ago

Doom Eternal doesn't need mods. A stage creator in which you can share your creations online? Awesome. But the game itself looks so polished and balanced, not to mention it being a linear game, that mods are unnecesary. Not to mention, that since it has a multiplayer invasion mechanic, mods could ruin that as badly as it did PC Dark Souls.

WitcheRivia154d ago

It's Bethesda and if it skips Steam then they will push for "paid mods".