In Defense of ROMs, A Solution To Dying Games And Broken Copyright Laws

Various game emulation sites are pulling down their software libraries, or ceasing to exist entirely, following a lawsuit filed by Nintendo against one of the largest of their kind. This is hardly tantamount to the erasure of all unauthorized copies of older video games from the internet, but it’s still gotten a lot of folks talking about the conundrum of ROMs—that is, the need to balance copyright protection with the preservation of history.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi156d ago

Its not like it is just US law, there is also a lot of international law involved as well.

Tankbusta40155d ago

Nintendo can try all they want...the top 3 game torrents on Demonoid were the full collections of NES, SNES and N64 roms

CrimsonWing69155d ago

ok then some organization needs to get the entire collection of games and then do a subscription model so we can all play these. I'm so sick and tired of this garbage where they won't release the game to consumers and then for anyone who wants to play it but don't want to pay a scalper for the game they drop the hammer on sites that are just allowing for that.

Look, I get stopping current gen roms because of piracy but games we can't purchase or play anymore... I mean why not?

uth11155d ago

exactly this.

if music services can sell tracks from tons of obscure artists that don't sell much, why can't there be a similar service for old roms?

ziggurcat155d ago

a sanctioned service to be able to purchase digital copies of these old games would be a good idea.

ziggurcat155d ago

"I get stopping current gen roms because of piracy but games we can't purchase or play anymore..."

that doesn't mean it's not illegal to download ROMs.

and you can honestly find any of these old games through a variety of different, legal means. the argument that you can't purchase or play them anymore is completely moot because retro game stores, ebay, antique markets, flea markets, and thrift stores all have old games (even consoles) for sale.

uth11155d ago

two problems with that
1. the content creatora get no compensation for second hand sales either
2. locked into aging hardware.

i still own all my old game. But i don't want to drag out all my old hardware everytime i want to play. it's aging and doesn't work half the time and looks lile crap on modern TVs.

it is much easier to get a quick fix off a PC or smartphone, but you can't do that with the original media.

the best solution would be to create a legal rom service that benefits both users and copyright holders,

ziggurcat155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

1. That's irrelevant. The creators still have ownership rights over the content, regardless of whether they get any money. That argument is also bunk.
2. Also irrelevant. You are legally allowed to make a backup, digital copy of your old games for personal use.

The issue is the legality of the unauthorized distribution of those ROMs, not in the creation of them - Nintendo doesn't give a damn if you make a copy for yourself to use, especially if you're really that concerned with the preservation of the history.

"the best solution would be to create a legal rom service that benefits both users and copyright holders,"

I agree.

kevnb155d ago

I think they spend more money and time trying to remove roms then they could ever lose from them. Its not like the nes and snes mini werent flying off shelves, very few people mess with roms and emulators.

gangsta_red155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Even when these sites were thriving Nintendo was making a killing off of the Virtual Console and now they're making a killing off of the NES/SNES mini.

It really doesn't make sense to target these rom sites especially when there's other means to get roms anyways. All Nintendo is doing is pointing the people who frequent these sites to go to torrent sites and then these guys may end up figuring out how to get more than just ROMs now.

uth11155d ago

they will probably lose more sales because of backlash to this than they ever did because these sites existed

ziggurcat155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

the "preservation of history" argument is about as bunk as people saying they use homebrew to develop their own software... very few people are actually concerned about preserving the history, they're more interested in getting free games.

and just because you don't like the copyright laws, doesn't mean they're broken.

Razzer155d ago

Exactly right. This is 100% defense of game piracy. If gamers want to believe they are doing some kind of favor to the industry by downloading free ROMS to play on their PC then they are just delusional. It is no different than those who download pirated movies and music via bit torrent.

DarkBlood154d ago

They can't lose sales on the games that never got rereleased since more then 20 years ago no one is defending against roms like battletoad double dragon or rocky rodent or hell even tmnt 4.

who's going to go after you for that? no one

ziggurcat154d ago

it's not about lost sales...

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