Hello Games' Turnaround with No Man's Sky Deserves Praise

Hello Games has done what few studios do; they've taken a poorly-received title and morphed it into a great one with much time, effort, and difficulty.

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KickSpinFilter117d ago

Well Driveclub, morphed into an amazing game also but. Alas it was to late for developer. Would have loved to see what they could have done with DC2

strayanalog117d ago

Games like this make me wonder if the review system we have will eventually change or we'll simply update the scores?

Tiqila116d ago

Why should it change? You can independently review different versions of a game, no?
NMS: 5/10, NMS 1.53: 10/10, ...

Sgt_Slaughter116d ago

What does this have to do with review systems? I would not want people to remove older scores, because those scores are accurate to what the game was like two years ago.

Sy_Wolf117d ago

No it doesn’t. Adding things 2 years after launch that they promised would be there at launch isn’t worth praise.

mkis007116d ago

Well what would the reaction be if they had abandoned it?

Sgt_Slaughter116d ago

I think you can have both directions not receive praise. Doing work on a game and making it better is good, but not two years after the fact. Make a game correctly the first time and all this wouldn't have to happen.

Sy_Wolf116d ago

i think it’s good that people who bought the game get something closer to what they were promised, doesn’t mean the developer is worthy of praise for releasing a bad product and kind of bringing things back in to line 2 years after the fact.

RabbitFly116d ago

What was promised at lunch that was added with next?

AK91116d ago

Yes they do but the end product is still underwhelming and kinda not worth it.

Imalwaysright116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Praise for a dev that falsely advertised a game? Praise a dev that not only released an unfinished but also an extremely broken game at full price no less? If we're praising a developer that does these anti-consumer practices then what shall will do when a dev doesn't? Build them a statue? Throw them a parade?

The absolute lack of standards by the "gamers" that have this kind of mindset are much more to blame than the EAs, Activisions and Hello games of this world for the anti-consumer joke that this industry has become. Not only do they bendover and take it up the ass but they also say "thank you and please help yourself as many times as you can because we will praise you for it"

RabbitFly116d ago

Pfft the outrage sheep are just as problematic when it comes to where this industry is at.

You want devs and publishers to be honest with the community, while at the same time calling for the flogging of people that just speak their mind.

Its a conteadiction that will stop this industry from evolving

Imalwaysright116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

But I'm being honest. I don't care if your feelings got hurt. I really don't. What I do care about is for this industry to be held by the same standards as most other industries where practices such as false advertisement or putting broken products on the market have and rightly so legal repercussions.

"Its a conteadiction that will stop this industry from evolving". Oh yes, my words really are holding this industry back and are comparable to the dozens of broken and falsely advertised games that are released on the market. Words vs actions and people enabling such actions in detriment of their own rights as consumers going as far as praising devs that did those actions Not that it matters but you're not helping improve my opinion of those so called "gamers".

RabbitFly116d ago

Ok. Where did I ever say anything about my feelings?

Way to misrepresent.

You are totally missing the point. Both arguments are hyperbole. You are just choosing the hyperbole that fits your narrative.

Broken games? False advertisement? Where are these things? And when are they not called out for these things?

If anything we have a industry that is driven by fanboys and hyperbole. Outrage in every corner. If it isn't being called out for this then it is being called out for that. No rational arguments in sight.

People have a right to their opinions. Just as you have a right to yours. You however tried to make your own opinion stand out as superior. That is the narrative I take issue with.

Imalwaysright115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

"Broken games? False advertisement? Where are these things"

Saying this in a No Man's Sky related article is hilarious. On the top of my head: Skyrim, Fallouts, Driveclub, Battlefield 4. Halo collection or AC unity let alone all the games that need multiple patches because who cares if your product is broken when you can fix it 2 or 3 months after release right?

As for false advertisement on the top of my head we have people "playing" kinect on E3 stage, colonial aliens Marines, the famed Killzone 2 gameplay video, Mass Effect 3 where you wouldn't choose your own ending, Watch Dogs and I heard that adverts for mobile games are also very on point... but I get it now with you is not a case of lack of standards. It's a case of ignorance.

Hyperbole? No I've just been watching this industry going down hill and I don't like it so I'm going to express my opinion whether you like it or not.

Never said that people shouldn't have their own opinions did I? The thing is that I also have one and if you have an issue with it what can I say other than oh well.

RabbitFly115d ago

Was No Mans Sky broken at release? This is the first I have heard about it.

If you are insinuating that No Mans Sky was using false advertisement then you are talking about hyperbole. Because not only can all of those claims easily be disproved by rational arguments, but they did it in a court of law.

It seems you are making the false equivalence between the enjoyment factor you get out of a game and it's marketing.

A game markets itself as good, and then it turns out it isn't what you would consider good so the marketing is all of a sudden false. Despite the fact that "good" is 100% subjective.

Your claims about my so called ignorance when I ask for rational arguments is a typical red herring and arguably an ad hominem. Unless you want to make a rational argument for my ignorance that is?

"Never said that people shouldn't have their own opinions did I? The thing is that I also have one and if you have an issue with it what can I say other than oh well."

Nor did I claim that you did.

Way to misrepresent.

I said you are making your opinion out to be superior. Literary saying that a mindset that opposes yours lacks any kind of standard.

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