Kratos in Shovel Knight was Canon, According to Cory Barlog

According to director Cory Barlog during a SDCC panel, the appearance of Kratos in Shovel Knight is a part of the series' canon.

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Shiken63d ago

Well given that the new GoW introduced parallel realms and such, it is quite possible. A lot of unknown things happened between GoW3 and the new one. Even Mortal Kombat falls into this category now lol.

PhoenixUp62d ago

I’m sure all of Kratos’ other cameo appearances are canon as well

Lynx020764d ago

I would love to see how Kratos is trying to explain that adventure to Atreus.

The7Reaper64d ago

So what about when Kratos was in Mortal Kombat is that canon too? lol

TheKingKratos63d ago

Lol they almost begged him to leave their world as he tore anything that move apart.

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The story is too old to be commented.