Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Vision Won’t Be Compromised To Appeal To Certain Players

Hidetaka Miyazaki talks about From Software's different game design approach with their upcoming game.

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Srhalo92d ago

I don't know why they went with Activision as a publishing partner... This will be the first Activision game I bought this gen and I think last gen too.

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thatguyhayat91d ago

Not to worry, hidetaka has said that they are not involved with the project and all the game and development is done by him. Activision has no involvement other than publishing it

Baza91d ago

Activision may not be involved in development decisions but Activision just might make them put in microtransactions!

Seraphim91d ago

they may not have had a choice. You'd think being From Software any publisher would jump at it but... perhaps other publishers weren't interested for whatever reasons.

TheOptimist91d ago

My only cause of concern is Activision and I have said this before but the whole" Activision helping From Soft with the tutorial" stuff seemed like a huge bad indication.

PrinceVegeta91d ago

The game seems to be going great, with Miyazaki in the director's chair I have little to no concerns.

Yi-Long91d ago

"For those who’re worried that they might be dumbing their game down, don’t be- supposedly, it’s going to be even harder than Dark Souls and Bloodborne."

Dumbing down doesn't just affect difficulty-settings though. It's also about story aspects, language, names, voices, etc.

For example, you'd want to have Japanese voices & names included, considering the setting, and the Japanese devs. Perhaps Activision is only willing to pay for the English dub. Perhaps characters and titles which would normally be Japanese, will now be 'Westernized'.

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