Mario Kart Tour for iOS - release date, news and much more

Mario and his crew will arrive on mobile platform with great style. What can we expect from Nintendo's most famous character?

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hanko141201d ago

only IOS? and i bet you have to be online all the time, which is pretty stupid

King_Noctis1201d ago

This is just their mobile spinoff games, which is usually free to play and always online.

I wouldn’t want it anywhere near the Switch.

King_Noctis1201d ago

It seem Nintendo doesn’t have a good relationship with Google as they do with Apple. Most of their mobile spinoffs were released on iOS first (such as Super Mario Run).

SockeyBoy1201d ago

This amazes me...didn't Nintendo call Apple their nemesis a few years ago?

RosweeSon1201d ago

If you can’t beat em ;)