Phantom Doctrine / JTGA - Review

JTGA: From the moment you boot up, Phantom Doctrine immerses you in its moody, downtrodden world. The subtle, melancholic soundtrack sets a heavy tone; this isn’t a bombastic, shoot ‘em up adventure. This is a world where you see the wheel’s turn; where patience and careful planning is rewarded, and rash decision making is swiftly punished.

The turn based nature of traversal and combat cements a deliberate pace, and is a defining aspect of gameplay. You spend most of your time navigating various dingy locations, retrieving intel, bagging targets, and generally indulging your ultimate spy fantasies.

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BlackTar18792d ago

Xcom is probably my favorite game series of all time. Xcom 1, Xcom TFTD, Xcom 1 lol, Xcom 2

I play all these games at least once a year all the way through and i have been dying for games close to it. Going home early from work to play this.

JTGA92d ago

You won't be disappointed. I don't think Phantom Doctrine was made with the same kind of budget the XCOM games had access to; you can tell that parts of the game (like facial animation) are a tad rough around the edges. But overall, it's a fantastic all round effort that is well worth a look.