Dishonored is “resting for now” and future Arkane games could incorporate seamless multiplayer

From VG247: "Now Prey is out in the wild and Dishonored’s story has wrapped up with the release of Death of the Outsider, what does the future hold for Arkane Studios?"

kevnb1757d ago

all dishonored needs is better marketing.

TheCommentator1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

The games both sucked, and marketing can't help that. The series needs to take a dirt nap, IMO.

EDKICK1756d ago

Dishonored 2 is the best game this gen and easily the best stealth game ever made. Not sure any individual element of either game sucked let alone the games as a whole sucking. Confused as to what lead you to that conclusion frankly.

TheCommentator1756d ago

The second Dishonored was a bit better than the first, but the mechanics were still off, the AI was still poor, and the stealth was nowhere as good as any of the games it ripped off to even get the gameplay to where it is. Even the last Thief game, which was the worst in the series, was better than these. Hitman blows them out of the water.

TBH, I feel the same way about Dishonored as I do about Bioshock. Both game series are highly overrated. To each their own though!

l3w1s1756d ago

Dishonored 1 is one of the best games ever made. But Dishonored 2 was a disaster. Horrible level design, awful story (a ripoff of the DLC for the first game) and don't even let me start on what they did to the Outsider.

-Foxtrot1757d ago

I really want Dishonored 3, the game was fantastic

I hope they go back on their word about Corvo's story being finished, I still think they could do one more with him teaming up with a new character while Emily is left behind.

I am p***** they closed the Outsiders story in DLC without Corvo, him and the Outsider should have had a conclusion together in a third game.

Movefasta19931757d ago

i haven't played 2 but I loved 1, was 2 just as good or better for you?

bigmalky1757d ago

2 is pretty amazing as well. Worth the cash at full retail, never mind the sale prices you can get it for now.

PhantomTommy1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

2 is legitimately one of the games of the generation for me. I despised it at first -- you kind of have to meet it halfway and customize the difficulty to your liking. The default hard difficulty is way too easy and the default extreme difficulty is way too unforgiving. If you can strike a balance between the two it's great.

l3w1s1756d ago

Dishonored 2 is worse in every way than Dishonored 1. Except maybe graphics. Everything got worse, from the level design, to characters, to story.

Blu3_Berry1757d ago

I think this is the best idea for now. It's as he says, the current stories/timeline is finished. There's no reason to keep exploring more. If they come around for Dishonored 3, I hope they make a brand new cast and a new setting that feels different.

Relientk771757d ago

Really hope we get a Dishonored 3 eventually

SenorFartCushion1757d ago

Piss off with the seamless multiplayer

kevnb1757d ago

Why? It makes games like dark souls and monster hunter much better.

bigmalky1757d ago

Those games have the scope for their multiplayer aspects. Arkane are good at solo, stealthy single player games.

It's getting like last gen with all the tagged on multiplayer overkill.

Bnet3431756d ago

No one said it's going to be tacked on. Way to give Arkane Studious the benefit of the doubt.

Bnet3431756d ago

That's some close minded talk right there. Piss off with a new idea? Yeah okay. Sounds dumb but so did the wheel. You'd be the cavemen to say "the wheel? sounds dumb, piss off"

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