No Man's Sky Update Version 1.56 Is Out Now; Here's What It Does

No Man's Sky has received a new update on the PS4 that patches the game to version 1.56. This update will likely release later for others.

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Cobra951155d ago

Cool. 1.55 is behaving fine for me, but I'm glad for the continued improvements and polish. I'll be glad to be able to melee-boost as before, I hope. That's the one thing that 1.55 made worse than 1.53.

execution17155d ago

Just wish they'd fix that issue when you land an undiscovered planet and it doesn't count as first contact, spent a good 4 hours trying to find an Outpost so that can pop up so I can upload my findings

155d ago
raWfodog155d ago

Still waiting for the fix that will allow me to completely repair my damaged support ships. I still have two of them that I can't fully repair at this time.

theindiearmy155d ago

Someone has said that if you change systems and respawn them, the ones non-discoverable broken pieces will then show up and be repairable. Haven't tried it myself or don't know if it works every time you jump systems or not. I would just do a check every time you do.

raWfodog154d ago

Yeah I read that too on one of the forums last night. Haven't tried it myself yet but its worth a try.

Dange154d ago

I tried that. Warped to several systems and still no luck. Can't fix one of my frigates. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

raWfodog154d ago

Yep, it worked. Once I jumped to the next system, the repairable parts finally appeared and I was able to get them fixed. Now we'll see if the problem returns once my ships get damaged again.

Surt154d ago

It uninstalls itself. what?

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