Dead Cells IGN Review Demonstrates the Danger of Plagiarism

"Reviews are highly influential, and plagiarism is nothing to be brushed off lightly." - Dead Cells IGN Review Demonstrates the Danger of Plagiarism for Indie Devs.

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ZeekQuattro89d ago

The crazy thing is if Boomstick gaming hadn't said anything Filip would still be getting away with plagiarizing. He's been doing it so long it got good to him and he figured ripping off a smaller youtubers channel would go unnoticed. If you are going to copy someone's work at least change the structure and wording to make it less obvious. lol Its like he just didn't care and even dared people to find more proof of his dirty deeds. To which people some of which he must of burned in the past gladly did. Oh well the devs behind Dead Cells most likely love all the free publicity the game is getting now.

VideoChums84d ago

Reviews on our site have been plagiarized more times than I can count. It's far more common than this IGN fiasco would lead you to believe.

Original content is great and people who plagiarize should be ashamed of themselves.

ZeekQuattro84d ago

I can believe it. As Filip showed he based most of his career on stealing content. I'm sure there are many others that have done the same.