Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Redefine the Gaming Industry?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly the generation's most-awaited and hyped game. But will it bring a change and redefine the gaming industry as a whole?

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Skull52191d ago

No looks like a pretty standard game. The highest quality game of this generation, but it's not redefining anything. It just shows you the level of quality game can achieve when budget and time aren't things you have to worry about.

nucky6489d ago

"highest quality game of this generation" - well, right now i'd say that title belongs to GoW. jaw-dropping beautiful with the best combat i've seen in a long time.
i'm super-excited for RDR2 and think it can be excellent as well.

NateBOY87d ago

gow has better story because it is a narrative game, but wicher 3 is much better in side quests, exploration, immersion, soundtrack
see the sites that reward games, about 70% still say wicher 3 is the best game of this gen
gow no matter how good it is, left many things to the next, like the bosses, more exploration of realms and certain stories to tell

PrinceVegeta90d ago

Of course it will. Just look at the scope of the game and what they have shown so far. The first one had amazing weather grapghics, the best I had ever seen, specially the thunder as it starts to rain in the ranch.

sander970290d ago

The thing I hope most game devs take from this game is the way you now interact with NPC.

90d ago
NateBOY90d ago

Open world games? Maybe, industry?no

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