It's Time to Stop Complaining About Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Have gamers’ really reached a point where putting Solid Snake up against Ganondorf is worth nothing? Are these people’s lives so devoid of love that they can’t put their cynicism aside for just a moment and be appreciative of what Smash Ultimate has? What other crossover, in any medium, pays this much attention to detail on a cast that is likely to break 80 characters? What other official fighting game lets you pit legendary icons of the medium against each other?

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eagle2168d ago

Who is complaining? Pre-orders are sky

Sgt_Slaughter68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Wait I'm confused.

Is there a significant amount of people who hate on this game, or have an issue with who they've picked? I've seen nothing but praise and admiration for the developers and Sakurai (minus the whole Evo controversy).

Neonridr68d ago

I mean there are those entitled gamers out there who are flipping their lids because Waluigi, Zero or Shovel Knight are assist trophies and not playable. But those people are some strange fanatics who can't respect the fact that they are at least in the game to begin with.

ShinRon68d ago

fake news, nobody is complaining about smash

SR3881368d ago

The only things I'm complaining about are cloud co he the only one who don't deserve to be there and he sucks ass... And it looks like this doesn't have a story which would make it meh like the WiiU smash... Brawl is still the best imo

browngamer4168d ago

Everything I've seen lately points to a story mode

SR3881367d ago

Elaborate? What thing I've seen nothing pointing to a story

Relientk7768d ago

I haven't heard any complaining lol