A Complete History of Mighty No. 9's Unseen 3DS and Vita Ports

Destructoid: “I won't rest until the Mighty No. 9 saga is finally completed. After tracking down multiple companies to find out what happened to physical Kickstarter rewards a year after the game's launch in 2016, following a lack of communication on all fronts, I was galvanized to see this entire situation through.

But it's not over yet.

Just in case you haven't heard, Comcept still hasn't released the 3DS and Vita ports from its Kickstarter campaign. Though it would be easy to assume they were quietly canned, even as recently as late 2017 developer Comcept explained that the ports were on track. It's coming up on one year now with zero updates, and some backers I've spoken to specifically funded the campaign due to these ports.

On top of my experience covering this project for nearly five years, I've spent the last several months researching the entire 3DS and Vita situation from top to bottom. Here's what I came up with.”

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Teflon021074d ago

They owe me my Vita copy still and I want it. Unlike most I didn't hate the game, not as good as Megaman X but I prefer it over the regular Megaman titles, not saying it's better just that I prefer it since it plays more like X then Megaman. X is the best Megaman Series imo

Araragifeels 1074d ago

This is why I don't support Kickstarter since most of the time, Dev can't deliver and end up canning.

Teflon021074d ago

Yup kickstarters almost never live up to what they're suppose to be. The only one I was completely happy with was Yooka Laylee and it was wrongfully reviewed and centre of dumb reasons to drop its score. Same reasons that were ignored in other games lol