Sega Wanted To Impress Nintendo With F-Zero GX, Despite Losing The Hardware War

As Sega had lost the hardware war following the demise of the Dreamcast, it really wanted to impress Nintendo and show it how great the company still was by making fantastic characters and courses for F-Zero GX and creating the best graphics possible with the current technology at the time.

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mcstorm216d ago

They did just that it was one of the best fzero games made imo

Shuckylad216d ago

Absolutely, it was so good Nintendo haven’t been able to do another one since. I would love gx to be remastered and released on switch.

RosweeSon215d ago

I would love them to just give Sega the reigns on a switch Version was such a great game and 2 of the biggest gaming companies putting best of both their worlds into one amazing game.