10 Games That Smashed 1 Million Sales in 2018

2018 has been a big year for gaming, and here are 10 games that smashed that 1 million sales point.

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AspiringProGenji92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

This year has been awesome so far with so many hits, and there’s still Spiderman, Smash Ultimate, Monster Hunter XX, FHorizon 4, RDR2...

FallenAngel198492d ago

“Sony has finally brought back God of War after shelving the series for eight whole years.”

From the time God of War: Ascension released in 2013 to the time God of War 4 in 2018 is a 5 year gap. 🤨

capjacksparrow92d ago

Shhhhh... we don't talk about Ascension.

FallenAngel198491d ago

Since when? Ascension is an awesome title

ArchangelMike92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Hitting the 1 million sales mark used to be a mark of prestige last gen. I'm not so sure about it this gen.

Last gen when you hit a million it usually meant 2 things, primarily it meant that your game turned a profit (as development costs were much lower last gen), and secondly it meant that your game had hit critical mass and would therefore go on to be more successful.

This gen, the cost of development is much higher than last gen, so you have games like Tomb Raider that despite selling 3.4million in its first month - failed to reach SquEnix sales expectations for profitability -
Same story with RE7 that sold 3.5 million, but still failed to reach Capcoms expected profitability sales figures

The market has changed, and the 1 million mark is no longer a sign of prestige for Publishers. It seems they need sales in excess of 3 million to adequately cover development and marketing costs these days. For profitability, you need even more sales. For example, how much do you think it cost Sony to make the new God of War? $40million? $60million? or inexcess of £100million?. You need much more than 1 million in sales to cover costs of over $100million in development and marketing. If they only sold 1 million to date it would have been a complete sales flop in terms of both profitability and critical appeal.

Moreover, with an install base of approximately 80million, 1 million in sales is just over 1% of your audience, which in that context is not really alot of people. Certainly not enough that you can say your game hit "critical mass." This is especially true with a combined multiplatform audience of approximately 200million gamers out there (xbox, nintendo, Sony and PC).

ravinash92d ago

I think a lot of developer companies need to keep an eye on what their budget is in relation to the expected sales.
Making a game costs a lot these days, but I'm sure a lot of money goes on the bells and whistles that people like to talk about, but don't actually add anything to the game.
We can see some games come out at half the cost of others and yet produce as good quality as some of the high budget ones.

I'm sure there are all sorts of factors that can come into this, like what 3rd party tools are being used, how big the team is, are you re-using the same engine, are management changing the features in the middle of development.
But all these things are part of running a business and someone has to keep an eye on the budget.

NateBOY92d ago

For me , GOW IS best ps4 exclusive

Felix_Argyle_Catbro92d ago

Spidey will smash all the sales records from this year so far.

ThoedEssay77391d ago

I like Spider-Man, but honestly seems overrated to me. I much preferred super hero games, or movies when I was a teenager.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro91d ago

I prefer fun games, and Spidey looks to be exactly that.

343_Guilty_Spark92d ago

State of Decay 2
Hell blade
Sea of Thieves

nowitzki200492d ago

Cuphead 2018?
Hellblade too?? Are you sure?

Razzer92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Cuphead 3 million

Hellblade 1 million

No official sales numbers have been announced for Sea of Thieves or SoD2 that I have seen

Razzer92d ago

Ah....I see your point. Cuphead actually hit one million in 2017

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