Monster Hunter World Sells Over 10 Million- Report

With Capcom having announced sales of 8.3 million as of June 30 for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, and with SteamSpy estimating that the PC version was at least at 2 million units sold as of yesterday, the grand total tally for the game comes to- 10.3 million units.

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PhoenixUp91d ago

Wow Monster Hunter: World reached that even faster than Final Fantasy XV

naruga91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

the game is good ..really good , the only game Capcom got right after many years (i dont even remember since when they released a proper sequel of their IPs without sodomizing IT)...and i m saying that i m from the old fans of the series that had my doubts about the game before release

Jay76791d ago (Edited 91d ago )

your comment sounds really dumb. capcom made one of the best survival horror vr game in Resident Evil 7 and one of the best competitive e sport fighting game this gen in sf5. capcom also got mega man 11 and devil may cry 5 on the way which both looking like there going to be great enjoy games.

naruga91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

@Jay ok i started reading your comment until the point you said RE 7 is a good game....end of discussion ... i mnot even listening an opinion of a person that likes RE7 or considers it a good game

kevnb91d ago

its a much better game.

hulk_bash198791d ago

Congrats to Capcom and the MH Team. MH World is a great game that deserves all the sales it gets.

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Kashima91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

It need more monsters, less flying wyverns more of other types, less fire element monsters more of other elements, more maps, better weapons skins, layered for every armor B version, make us see other players in Astera, fix the damn loading screens on consoles.

kevnb91d ago

Sure they could make it better, but as is its already a great game.

Lovable91d ago

Crazy success when you don't nickel and dime your fanbase. Game is absolutely worth the initial tag price. Amazing game!

jznrpg91d ago

Good , I have always loved Monster Hunter since first playing it on PSP .It should have been on Vita too

xX-oldboy-Xx91d ago

Yes it should have, I don't have the dexterity for the analog nubs on PSP. I was so excited too after playing the original on PS2.

-T9X-69-90d ago

Same here, use to have a ton of fun back in the days on PS2. I did end up snagging MH4U when I got a 3DS and love it aside from the hand cramps. Since January I pretty much exclusively play MHW aside from a few titles here and there. It's just so rewarding and fun with friends and solo. Picked it up on PC and having the same amount fun starting all over.

Servbot4191d ago

They could have had these numbers a long time ago and more had they not kept the game trapped on crappy portables for over a decade.

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