What Happened to Wario Land?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "With the recent release of WarioWare: Gold Nintendo has shown that they still have a soft space in their hearts for their gassiest of characters, but there was a time where Wario was known for things entirely unrelated to micro-games and denim jackets."

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PhoenixUp767d ago

“The game released to mostly positive reviews with many praising its return to form gameplay and the gorgeous hand-drawn graphics however it was a flop at retail, selling 1.15 million copies on a system where Nintendo platformers where constantly smash hits (New Super Mario Bros. Wii moved 28.50 million copies).”

New Super Mario Bros Wii should in no way be listed as the standard by which all platformers should be able to sell. Wario Land: Shake It sold about on par with Kirby’s Return to Dreamland & Sonic Colors people regard those titles as commercial successes.

Also if you think Wario Land: Shake It flopped in sales, you must think most titles in the Metroid series are commercial flops.

DivineAssault 767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

I really want to see another entry in the series. I was hooked on it since GB & bought a VB just for it. The change in direction was ok but theres nothing like eating garlic to grow and smash enemies while being a greedy pig.