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Ubisoft Montreal has done some great things with Far Cry 2, the product of putting a gigantic development staff and what must have been a gargantuan budget behind developing a new kind of first-person shooter on a new engine. The formula still needs work in terms of enemy AI, quest structure, and giving the player more to do to fill in all that open space, but as it is, it's still a standout achievement. More importantly, it has nowhere near as many bugs as something like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, a title that bears many similarities. Add to the roughly 25 hour single-player campaign a remarkably easy-to-use map creation tool and a full multiplayer suite, and you've got one of the most complete overall gaming packages of the year, as well as one of the most ambitious.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 8.0
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 9.0
Overall -

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Killjoy30003745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

(Sic). I just wish that I had enough cash to get this bad boy. I don't mean to have repetition in my comments regarding this title, but it's just too damn bad.

chaosatom3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )


Graphics got a 8. i was expecting much better. Sort of disappointed.

Killjoy30003745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

It's ok, friend. Sackboy's got your back :)

Delta_FX3745d ago


What were you expecting? The Dunia engine was designed for the PC.

ELite_Ghost3744d ago

prob runs in 600p or something...

Peter Griffin3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

it seems im the only one whos rooting for the underdogs this holiday season. everyones worried about R2, LBP, Fallout3, Gears and Fable 2 but im worried about spiderman, motorstorm, midnight club, dead space, socom, PoP and Naruto along with the aforementioned.

thebudgetgamer3744d ago

o well time to sell some blood :)

Milky3744d ago

My prediction was right! This game had 8.8 written all over it.

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paskowitz3744d ago

I just do not have the money to buy games like this. I find that a game has to have something special about it (COD4, MGS4, GT5p, GTR2, GTR Evo) for it to be worth my money. Maybe once they fix Socom I will pick that up. I have narrowed my list down to LBP, R2 and K2. Fallout, Mirrors Edge, COD WAW, RE5, and End War are on the chopping block.To think my PS2 library was over 50 games at one point. Ow well stupid economy.

DaTruth3744d ago

Ya, but you got to love the internet generation. I'll never get saddled with a crappy game ever again and no really good game will ever get passed me. No wasted money.

Arsenic133744d ago

The other FC for 360 was trash to most, but fun as hell to me and my friends. I cant wait!

Shadow Man3744d ago

Is longer than Gears and Res.

Bill Gates3744d ago



Chubear3744d ago

Ofcourse it is... is a frikgen RPG? You want FPS to have RPG type lenth? No one would finish them and 25hrs for an RPG isn't at all lenghty.

theEnemy3744d ago

Your not saying Resistance 2 right ?

Cause if it is, then you need to go a few pages back or search some news on "Resistance 2" cause it looks like you haven't been on a gaming site in the past few weeks.


Homicide3744d ago

Great score. I'm renting this since too many good games are coming out in such short time.

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