Bethesda playing nice with everyone is refreshingly glorious in 2018

Bethesda is currently one of the biggest video game's developer and publisher in the world. They have a wildly impressive slate of IP that they are constantly widening and iterating on. Something that they've done recently is made friends with the big three. Not together but individually. On each platform they've done something unique to cater to that audience, it's excellent to see this attitude in 2018.

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Activemessiah162d ago

Shame they're not playing nice with the gamers

AspiringProGenji162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

By pulling games off steam and trying to kill the second hand market

Skull521161d ago

Steams monopoly of PC gaming is hopefully over. It’s about time market competition is finally going to emerge once more. I never liked Steam so I’m happy to see the push for more options, it is a welcome change.

Srhalo162d ago

Ya know except for threatening legal action for selling used games.

adamllewellynTLG162d ago

Was it not because the guy was selling it described as a 'New' game? Probably just an automatic legal response that they'll back down on when they look into it.

Srhalo162d ago

It wasn't automated, it came from a lawyer in there ;legal department.

jmc8888162d ago

From what I read, it was a sealed copy.

I.E. Cellophane still wrapped around it = new.

Then their rationale was that since it was bought a while ago, it didn't have a 'warranty'.

Lon3wolf161d ago

It was a sealed new PS4 copy with the original seal strip intact.

TekoIie161d ago


So they were blocking the sale of a new game and not a used one? I read the story but people need to stop acting as though they were blocking a used game sale. Their argument (which is still pathetic) was just that the game was described as new rather than used because the seller wasn't licensed to sell new copies, and that new copies include a warranty that this seller couldn't provide.

As I've said it was a dick move on their part and unnecessary, but we need to stop passing it around like it was some huge story because at the end of the day it's really inconsequential.

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Thundercat77162d ago

I don't know but taking jabs at Sony and threatening to not publish their game if they does not allow cross play with Xbox is not what I would call "playing nice with everyone".

jukins162d ago

Honestly it would be their loss because it's already a super niche genre especially on consoles would think they'd take whatever 5hey can get

King_Noctis161d ago

Uhh card collectibles game is not a “super niche” genre. Just look at Heartstone or Gwent, or the upcoming one from Value called Artifacts. Sure, some are more popular than the others, but isn’t that the case for all games?

OB1Biker161d ago

Agreed. It's niche on consoles.

jukins161d ago

@King_Noctis you named two games. . .one which rode the coattails of wow and the other the witcher. Niche if I ever saw a niche

OB1Biker161d ago

The press is telling any fantasy of their own to push some opinion or feeling but that sometimes is so far from the reality. The sad part is many readers take for granted that what they are told must be true.

Cueil161d ago

It's what everyone should be doing to Sony

Thundercat77160d ago

Translation of your comment :

Is what the ones that are loosing should be doing to the number one competitor in the market to try and take a piece of their pie.

jairusmonillas162d ago

Fake news.
Bathesda trying to kill 2nd hand market. Attacking Sony for fabricated crossplay news even though they always hated Sony not just because of crossplay. And pulling away from Steam when we already have too many PC launchers. lol.

King_Noctis161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

“Bathesda trying to kill 2nd hand market. ”

By trying to stop a guy from selling used game in disguise as new game? Are they going everywhere around the world to sue every secondhand game shop out there?

Exaggerate much?

RememberThe357161d ago

Lol "in disguise"? That clever game box wrapped itself in cellophane and tried to pass itself off like a new game. Times-are-a-changin.

Benjaminkno161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Skyrim on PS3 was broken for many years. That would’ve made me start a lawsuit.

Selling broken games should be against the law, especially Skyrim

Sy_Wolf162d ago

Yes suing someone for selling 1 copy of a game as new when it was in fact a new, unopened game is really playing nice and not a completely terrible thing.

Chevalier162d ago

Its ridiculous with the laws allowing you to sell your own property that they can even do that. Cars, books, blurays, CDs and any number of things can and are resold. What makes Bethesda so special?!?

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