Dave Halverson Mistakes Golden Axe Beast Rider for Something Else

GamesArgus: "Recently, I reviewed Golden Axe: Beast Rider. The game is sloppy, frustrating, and missing much of what made it fun back in the late '80s. Because of that, Dave Halverson, editor of Play magazine, states I'm not a critic.

Let's be brief with my gaming history. Golden Axe is, in my opinion, the best of the best when it comes to the hack 'n slash genre. While some will consider it slow by today's standards, the impactful blows and nifty stages made it a classic. The opening level theme is even a ringtone on my phone. On top of that, I sort of idolized Halverson's style back in the days of GameFan. To me, he was one of the best working in the industry back then, willing to devote copious amounts of magazine space to obscure stuff I'd never touch.

So, when Sega announced Beast Rider, I was beyond thrilled. Popping the game into my 360, not so much. Gone was the co-op. Gone was the slower, more forceful combat. Gone was the classic music. Gone were the characters I grew up with.

In place of all that came a counter system that never really works, frustrating beast controls, one single character who looks nothing like the original Tyris Flare, loads of unneeded gore, and level design that draws sheer boredom instead of the excitement of riding on the back of a flying eagle."

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Asurastrike3746d ago

Play Magazine gave Lair a 9/10. 'nuff said.

vhero3746d ago

but lets be honest his points are valid golden axe 1-3 were gems and this game ruined the series.