Your wildest superhero dreams are coming true with Megaton Rainfall on Xbox One

Fin writes: "Megaton Rainfall is here for Xbox audiences... and it delivers the ultimate superhero experience."

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nishanth12390d ago

this one is meant to be played in VR. lol xbox

shaggy230389d ago

What exactly would stop the game being playable without VR though?

shaggy230388d ago


That's the best you can come up with "Lack of options"

So basically nothing is stopping it being playable without VR then.

gangsta_red90d ago

I remember this was one of the games I was actually curious about when it was announced for it's coming to consoles....

WeAreLegion90d ago

It's already on PS4. It's fun on PSVR. Not sure you'd want to play it on a regular screen.

mkis00789d ago

I got it on sale on pc and dont have pc vr. I think it would be cool in vr but it isn't anything special otherwise.

Casepb90d ago

I wonder if it will still be a mess of a tech demo. There really isn't much to do.

philm8789d ago

It's excellent fun on PSVR. Not a huge amount to do but I can't complain when it cost me around £5. Would be great to see a deeper more story driven follow up.