Why Is The Second Game In Every Naughty Dog Series The Best?

NRM: "If there’s one thing you learn quickly about Naughty Dog, it’s that every second game they make, from Crash Bandicoot 2 to Uncharted 2, are the best in their respective series."

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naruga891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

Jak and Daxter 2 was not best ...was by far inferior to its "Crash-esque" real platformer predecessor JAk 1 ...Jak 3 was even worse.....I dont get high hopes for LoUS2 ...i dont like its obnoxious social direction with lame Neil druckman (from atmosphere-feeling standpoint because visually will be top notch)

jimbost79891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

Agree with you on jak, but i think lou2 will be better than the first in every department.
Hoping the story doesn't go all preachy on us tho.

Eonjay891d ago

It will preach hardcore unrelenting post apocalyptic violence.

Kran890d ago

I'd love to know what you mean by "Preachy" Jim.

If you're referring to the violence, betrayal, murder, and character development, then it can preach away.

If you're referring to DAT KISS....

Then get out.

Because preaching would be Ellie shouting "I'M GAY. IM KISSING THIS GIRL! LOOK AT ME! IM KISSING THIS GIRL"

zackeroniii891d ago

I'm sure you're getting battlefield 1.V (see what I did there) though.

lipton101846d ago

Battlefield V is fake controversy stirred up by incels and idiots.

toxic-inferno891d ago

Jak and Daxter and Jak II are just too different to compare. The first is simultaneously a love letter to the 3D platformer genre and a massive step forward in open world gaming. The second is an early demonstration of Naughty Dog's narrative mastery, and was ahead of its time.

But I would agree, Jak II wasn't exactly an improvement over the first.

cannon8800891d ago

For me Jak 2 was the best but Jak 3 was a very close second because I really enjoyed going to the wasteland and riding the dune buggies.

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Movefasta1993891d ago

Jak 3 is the best far and uc4 is the best uc IMO

jimbost79891d ago

Brilliant isnt it. Peoples different opinions. I thought jak 3 was shit, but i agree that U4 was the best in the series!

Vegamyster891d ago

I still prefer UC2 over 4, core gameplay isn't as tight but the pacing and story were more enjoyable in my opinion.

Jinger891d ago

UC4 was by far the worst for me, but Jak 3 was brilliant

KOIMOJO891d ago

when it comes to the Jak series I thought 1 was really good and 2 fell short of what it was trying to do in a lot of ways and jak 3 did what jak 2 tried to do just executed much better making it right up there with the first. So yeah Jak 2 was my least favorite.

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SCW1982891d ago

Jak 1 is way better than 2 and 3.

Babadook7891d ago

I think this will be a popular opinion. Jak 1 was so ambitious and polished. The sequels were sharper visually but lacked the direction of 1.

AspiringProGenji891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

That’s because ND took The series to a darker, more story focused direction which in my opinion was for the better. People wanted Jak to still be a platformer collect-a-ton like the first. While in its time it was great, I don’t think I would have enjoyed 2 or 3 as much if it stayed in that direction.

I had problems with Jak 2 because ND didn’t implement some of the new festures very well and at times felt like a GTA rippoff, but Jak 3 fixed all that and added much more. Jak 3 is my favorite in the series

lptmg891d ago

Eh, I prefer happy go lucky Jak 1 than its sequels

HeisenbergX891d ago

I dont think Uc2 is better than Uc4 they are close though. I prefer Jak 3 over 2 and in no freaking hell is Crash 2 better than the thrid one or the first.

Rude-ro891d ago

I was more invested in u4 and its story and overall just a solid game... two just had those superbly done “wow” sets like the train sequence that led to where the story started, the helicopter fight, etc...

HeisenbergX891d ago

Yeah bro one thing i will always agree on is that UC2 has almost perfect pacing.


I think 4 comes close to uncharted 2's campaign but overall including the multiplayer(if you played it) Uc2 wins hands down. The multiplayer was just incredible

BlaqMagiq1891d ago

Have to disagree with Crash 1 being better than Crash 2. A lot of things just felt outdated with Crash 1 when Crash 2 hit the scene. Every problem I had with Crash 1 was fixed with the sequel.

goldwyncq891d ago

4 had the better story but 2 is better in pretty much everything else.

KOIMOJO891d ago

I like uncharted 2 better as well. I always thought that in contrast of the last of us being a masterclass in the story/characters/world areas, Uncharted was much better when focusing on set pieces and over the top action. Uncharted 4 was good but it tried to converge the two and wasn’t what I wanted. Nolan North is great but I always felt like Nate and the rest of the cast were kind of intentionally bland so to make their characters the focus felt off to me.

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