Where Are The Metal Detectors? Security At EVO Needs An Upgrade In 2019

EVO 2018 went off without a hitch, but security at the event was dangerously unprepared for a potential issue. We take a look at some examples and what could be changed for the future.

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1nsomniac68d ago’s alright I don’t think there’s any elections going on at the moment so no need to fake any terrorist attacks just yet.

Smokehouse68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Please. EvO is the chillest event ever. The fighting game community is the best community in gaming period. There is no crying about toxic masculinity or representation, people are there to win.

Swiftfox67d ago

I'm sorry, but that just isn't true. Thinking that way is even more harmful because it casts a blind eye to the glaring issues throughout the FGC. To be ignorant of something like this means to condone it, since the only reason this sort of thing happen is because people let it happen--developers and players alike.

You can find several articles and comments from top players of the FGC, along with commentators and long time members about the rampant amount of toxicity and misogyny the community has. The sooner we accept the FGC is just as toxic as any other corner of the gaming world, the sooner we can correct it.


Do you ever hear how controlling you are. Back up with your intolerant toxic rant. No one cares what you have to say on the internet. Your a no body. Get over youself.

Swiftfox67d ago

Was that comment even directed at me? I'm informing someone their perception of the FGC might not be the roses and daisies they think it is. How on earth is that intolerant or toxic of me to do? I didn't insult the person, call names, use caps, or spit irrational nonsense. They're going to have their own opinions and views sure, and the odds of changing anyone's mind on line is slim to none--but it's important to challenge and ask someone to look a bit deeper with a critical mind.

You're privileged to think I'm a nobody. Fine. But I'm educated, talented, experience, with an open and critical mind on my shoulders, and I feel I bring a lot to the comments when I choose to do so. In short--I'll say what ever the bloody hell I want within the established rules of this open forum. K, hon?

Servbot4167d ago

This EVO had two (three?) female commentators that knew what they were talking about and almost nobody complained. Hell they were better than the males they were commentating with. It's only when some stupid Redbull Esports or its ilk come around and they hire some random female cuz equality do people get pissed about women in fighting games.

Smokehouse67d ago

pop offs aren’t toxic lol. It’s friendly competitive trash talk. Sure the FGC has its villains or “people love to hate” but nobody is crying about how toxic they are. The community sees it the same as professional wrestling, it’s for show. That’s why I say it’s the best. In that crowd nobody is crying, the only crying is the articles you speak of looking in from the outside.

To the post about the female commentators: I agree, they were great.

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Michiel198967d ago (Edited 67d ago )

While I do agree the FGC community is great, so are many other communities. A discussion of which community is the least toxic will lead to nothing. Its not measurable, each community has shitty people in it, same as each has good people who support the community in it. Personally I like the smash community the most, because I'm biased as hell about the game I love to play, and I love other people who enjoy smash as well. That doesnt take away that each community is great. Even the moba community which is generally portraited as very toxic, is great as long as you ignore the rotten apples.

Lets agree that all gaming communities are great, just dont let negativity be the dominant force in it.

OT: if you have metal detectors everywhere (not only EVO but in general) because their might or might not be a terrorist attack you let the terrorists win. Dont live in fear of them, thats what they want.

Tankbusta4067d ago

You have just informed terrorists of a soft target!!!! EVIL!!!!

Akira202067d ago

I was there....the only thing EVO fans have to worry about is all the sodium inside the Ramen Noodles they provided. :)

GDNetJesse67d ago

That part I agree with. haha