Are Remakes Real Good or a Real Ripoff?

Capcom and Nintendo are both betting heavily on remakes, remasters, and ports. Is this good for everyone? Or is it just good for them?

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PiNkFaIrYbOi91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

It is good for everyone as long as the games being remade, remastered, and ported are good.

Skull52191d ago

Yeah truth is a lot of games don't hold up over time, that doesn't mean they aren't great. Upgrading things for the modern age is fine, don't have to buy them if you're not interested.

91d ago
isarai91d ago

Depends entirely on how they are handled.

RavenWolfx90d ago

Purely depends on the remake. If time and money are invested properly, like what appears to be happening with Resident Evil 2, then it is great! But quick cash grabs are obviously shit.

SolidGear390d ago

Yeah like those Prototype ports that ran the same as they did last generation

RavenWolfx90d ago

Yeah, those popped into my head but I wasn't certain it would be considered a "remake" as opposed to a "remaster". Remasters seem to be most of a cash grab than remakes, though notable exceptions would be The Last of Us and GTA 5.

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