Steam Games you can buy for under $5 in August 2018

Please, don't expect anything fancy on this list but these are decent titles that you should definitely give a try if you never had a chance to play them.

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SickSinceSix118d ago

The author is referring to G2A keys, I bought an Origin Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit key from there once and the game was pulled from my game library, probably for being originally bought with a stolen credit card.

I'd avoid that site and other grey market game key sites like the plague.

letsa_go118d ago

Just pay attention to the seller's ratings like ebay. I have bought dozens of games there with no issues!

SickSinceSix118d ago

It was like a 99 or 98% rated seller. If you shop around you can usually find a similar price from a legitimate store. is a good place to compare prices from authorized key sellers.