7 Totally Out There Characters Tekken Should Use for Its Next Guest Fighters

Let’s not beat around the bush: Tekken 7 has had some pretty out there choices for their guest characters thus far. Ranging from Noctis of Final Fantasy XV fame to AMC’s The Walking Dead’s Negan, no property seems to be off limits when it comes to sourcing them for a special appearance via the game’s DLC. With that in mind, these seven characters are at the top of our wish list.

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AK9164d ago

I so hope both Majima and Kiryu are both in the game.

thatguyhayat64d ago

If i remember correctly wasn't their concept arts of ryu and chun li hinting to be revealed in the game?

CobraKai64d ago

Really out there would be the OG Ridge Racer car like The Daytona Hornet in Fighters Megamix. Although is it really out there when you have fighting bears and raptors in the same game?

AK9164d ago

No its not out there at all especially since they got a TV character that has nothing to do with fighting games or even gaming in general for Tekken 7