Bethesda Backtracked on Its Controversial Review Policy

In 2016, with the release of DOOM, Bethesda announced a new policy to only send out review code to media on the day of release.
The policy was met with a lot of pushback from both players and critics who saw it as a way of stifling pre-release criticism, even though, at the time, Bethesda was releasing some of the strongest games it had ever put out.

In the past year or so, code has been quietly coming in earlier for some of Bethesda’s titles, so Kirk McKeand asked the company’s SVP of global marketing, Pete Hines, if the company’s policy has officially changed.

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ZombieGamerMan90d ago

Bad decision on their part, they should have kept this policy and encourage others to do the same

ZaWarudo90d ago

smh back to rushed reviews for those easy clicks.

Sgt_Slaughter90d ago

Bethesda seems to keep making bad moves, first the Amazon game controversy and now this

bluefox75590d ago

Good on them. Consumers aren't idiots, we're smart enough to sift trough the rushed, click bait reviews and the good ones.