Video games are political. Here's how they can be progressive

Video games can and should be put to work for leftwing politics at this moment of cultural and political uncertainty. Many games communicate progressive values in their narrative and content – but if they are to go further, we must reimagine what a game could look like.

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NecrumOddBoy92d ago

What the f*ck is this? Keep your commie SJW bullsh*t out of the games world. Let artist create stories and use freedom of expression, a conservative value, not your progressive identity political socialist trash.

Doge92d ago

Freedom of expression and conservatism do not mix. At all.


rainslacker91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

People are allowed to express conservative views. Its just a lot of creative people tend to have more liberal views, and they tend to express those in their work.

There will be people who don't want it to exist on either side of the evidenced by the OP....but one expressing their dislike for certain views in media, does not mean that contrary views can not, or should not, exist.

bigmalky90d ago

Neither does it work for the left. Freedom of expression only works when both sides can meet in the middle to agree to disagree and move on, instead of dictating how others should think.

Just about everyone has the entire concept wrong. This generation are mentally incapable of processing that fact.

GrubsterBeater90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


Uhhh... what? Considering we, as conservatives, are the only ones who support free speech, what you're saying couldn't be anymore untrue.

Just because Liberal/ChiCom Propaganda says Conservatives are evil gay-bashers who want immigrants as our slaves, doesn't make what they say about us true.

We, unlike the left, don't want ANYTHING to do with stifling your freedom of speech, what you want to present creatively, or what sex you choose to like, etc. Remind me again who it is that is censoring speech, perpetrating violence and inviting violence with hateful rhetoric? Oh, that's Liberals.

Conservatives just want less government control, to hold onto our rights given to us in the Consitution, and to be left alone. Liberals are the ones who want to police everything whether it's speech or mandated speech (gender pronouns, etc.) So don't sit there and try to make it seem like Conservatives are the ones who want to hold back creativity and expression. That's the Left.

annoyedgamer92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Conservatives used to be against freedom of expression back in the 90s very much the way modern progressives are. The OG Doom was one of their biggest enemies. Although the latest one is going to rile up SJWs for sure.

Srhalo91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Do you understand the hypocrisy? Conservatives are still against freedom of expression, if anyone tries to have any progressive message in their games conservatives want it shut down. (note the very first comment)

If conservatives were actually supporting freedom of expression that would include liberal ideas.

"Freedom to say what I want to hear" isn't freedom at all.

bluefox75591d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Don't. Kw why you got down voted so many times, what you said is spot on. Probably a result of the younger n4g audience.
@srhalo expressing discontent for something online is a far cry from jailing someone over an "offensive" joke, and you know it. The progressives are the only ones pushing for legal action against speech they don't like.

SubZtx90d ago

My memory is a little better than yours... Joe Lieberman, Tipper Gore, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton.... All were leaders in the destroy freedom of expression brigade of the 90's. The loudest voices on that were coming from the Democratic side...

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Tross91d ago

Freedom of expression is neither a liberal nor a conservative value. Actually, I hear more identity politics being spouted from the right, and this is coming from someone who's more or less politically neutral and is annoyed by both sides right now. In any case, as someone who actually believes in freedom of expression, I believe that artists should be free to express their views regardless of their political leanings or any other opinions they may hold, as that is the actual definition of freedom of expression.

Tross90d ago

@ the disagrees: I didn't think it was possible to disagree with the objective truth. Does no one believe in the First Amendment? That's surprising. Oh well, I firmly believe in your right to despise freedom of expression. Just note you don't really believe in it if you don't believe that people should be allowed to say things you disagree with, whether in speech, writing or art.

Chaosdreams92d ago

Well, this'll be causing a stir.

Perhaps I'm not catching the true meaning of this opinion piece, but if it's irritating me, I can only imagine the sparks of anger it'll ignite in others.

I've written a few responses to this but in the end I've deleted them all.

annoyedgamer91d ago ShowReplies(5)
lociefer91d ago

It's simple really; as long as it serves a narrative purpose and helps the game then sure, BUT if it's shoved in our faces just for progressiveness sake and showing us how PC you are, then no. Also i'm sure this article will be received well, lol

rainslacker91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

To me, a good narrative shouldn't be preachy....or shove an ideal in ones face, as you put it. It should be natural to the plot, with real reactions to situations, characters to react in a real way. things learned, and both sides shown.

The best stories tend to be those that leave the ultimate feelings of the viewer to decide what they feel is right. Of course, even such work can have gentle nudges based on the authors/creators disposition, but those that try too hard tend to just write a story that gets those that agree to have a self-affirming experience, and those who don't become defensive and not actually take in the point of what was trying to be expressed.

I've noticed a lot of overly "progressive" games tend to have rather heavy handed narratives on topics that are kind of hot button at the time of their release. Things like Life is Strange getting kudos for it's anti-bullying message, when I found that particular sub plot trite and forced, with really only one solution to how it ends(although with different outcomes for the character in question). All of which point to a bad scenario. While it was done well enough least for a narrative based video game, that's what I considered heavy handed.

AK9191d ago

Even though I think video games being political is a silly statement, it CAN be inserted into games in a respectful and well thought manner but unfortunately game journalists and certain game developers shove it in a forced and unnatural way that just leaves consumers with a bad taste in their mouth.

sibyl191d ago

But it doesn't bother a lot of people.

Ellie being gay doesn't bother me at all. Women in BFV doesn't bother me. Marcus from Watch Dogs 2 didn't bother me.

And sadly it seems to be the same group of people who are always bothered by these things. And that group seems to always be the conservatives.

rainslacker91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Ellie being gay didn't/doesn't bother me. The way it was highlighted in a way that was outside the expectations set by the first game....particularly since they took great care to represent it in the first game....does make me wonder if they'll try to force that part of her character beyond what it needs to be.

however, since I don't know the whole story of TLOU2, and ND not having disappointed me yet, I'm willing to wait until the game releases before casting judgement. Even if its forced, if its bad, then that may be the only part of the plot I have a problem with, not because she's gay, but because it would be a distraction if done in a shallow way.

For instance, Ellie and Bill being gay in the first game, or left Behind, didn't matter one iota to the plot. It wasn't highlighted, it was just there....even missable in the case of Bill. Ellie possibly having a relationship in this game may be a distraction regardless of her sexual preference, but if too much time is spent on the fact that she's a lesbian, then it could actually detract from the plot, and for a ND game, love interest driven narratives aren't typical, so it was out of the ordinary they decided to highlight it in the last trailer.

AK9190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Gonna get heat for this but Identity politics isn’t real politics.

Not to mention their wasn’t really much outrage over Marcus being black, in fact a lot of people enjoyed him over the white protagonist of the first game but not because of his skin colour but more because Marcus was a much more likeable character.

Was there much outrage over Ellie being gay or women in BF2? “Conservative outrage” is usually forgotten in 2 months (mainly because journalists give too much attention to a loud minority) and people just move on.

90d ago
CaptainObvious87890d ago

"Ellie being gay doesn't bother me at all. Women in BFV doesn't bother me. Marcus from Watch Dogs 2 didn't bother me."

I didn't have a problem with that either. I did, howeber, have a huge problem with the pathetic virtual signaling and the demonisation of the majority of gamers.

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Danimal91d ago

It's a shame that while the left always preach in favor of tolerance, diversity and inclusion, they're always intolerant towards the right by excluding them in all forms of media by eliminating diversity of thought (also known as real diversity).

Srhalo91d ago

The right is no more tolerant of the left. That's the problem and why things are so divided.

Smokehouse91d ago

They are antithetical to each other now. They cannot coexist like they have in the past, it’s not a “left or right” thing. It’s a “new progressive way” or the current standard of law. It’s cute when progressives think they are doing something new. I would hate to see the misery if their social engineering hit full stride.

Srhalo90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

The rights version of "new progressive way" is "white nationalism" which I have news for you isn't "the current standard of law". I mean the right used to be able things like fiscal conservatism, now the right has been over taken by racists, homophobes, sexists and conspiracy theorists.

If I have to choose between hate and inclusion I choose inclusion.

Smokehouse90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

You have no idea of what you are talking about. Proof? Inclusion vs hate? What a joke. I don’t even know why I bothered responding.

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