Online Service for Nintendo Switch starts in September. What can we expect?

Nintendo is aware that its console is lagging behind other online services. However, after the delays a full online service will arrive in the second half of September. What can we expect?

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wonderfulmonkeyman932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Expect nothing, and you won't walk away more upset than if you'd expected them to copy literally every feature from every other service in existence.
Just like we all KNOW so many Sony and Micro fanboys (not fans; fanboys. There's a difference) will do.
Just so they have more reasons to complain about a system they don't want, from a company they don't like, in a situation they have no say in and should probably shut their mouths about.

Gh05t932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

When they expect me to pay for something, why would I expect nothing?

If this was just an addon service that wasnt required for multiplayer sure, but its not, This will be a core service needed to continue to play the titles already purchased that they will now charge for. Having some basic expectations shouldn't be out of the question.

The fact that Nintendo hasn't been able to get their shit together in the online world is baffling, and what is more baffling is that people are defending them for basic things like Parties, easy friend invites, chat systems... the BASICS, hell they could have just bought a company that knew how to do this and been done with it.

Also stop with the fanboy label BS just because someone brings up legit criticism doesn't make them a shill or fanboy. This site is getting worse and worse by the day with this name calling garbage.

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Moonman932d ago

Expect the honest truth coming from Nintendo fans feedback. Nobody is going to accept anything less than solid. The more we grumble, the better it will become. It's not

Movefasta1993932d ago

All I want is achievements.

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