Top 5 Badass Female Video Game Characters of 2018

2018 is halfway done and we still have so many great games to play, especially this fall. With so many characters in each of these adventures in some games, the female characters go above and beyond to leave incredibly memorable moments. Whether it's stealing the spotlight from the protagonist or taking the lead role. Some push everyone else to the background and steal the spotlight thanks to incredible writing and performances, here are the top 5 female characters of 2018.

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PrinceVegeta156d ago

The other 4 on the list seem like forced to be there so they could represent newer games rather than deserving to be there.

CWheatley156d ago

Yeah, I'd like to think Android 21 and Grace Armstrong/Jess Black from Far Cry 5 are more badass than most on this list. Possibly even H'aanit from Octopath.