Is Sony going the way of Sega?

ScrewAttack: "I'm beginning to notice a trend in gaming that started in the last generation. The current gaming scene was set when Sega officially dropped off the console scene and left Nintendo alone with returning rookie Sony to vie for gamers' hearts and wallets. Suddenly, newcomer! Microsoft emerges on the scene with the allegedly ill-fated Xbox! Western developer after developer failed to harness the medium of video games. Could the software giant, Microsoft, POSSIBLY make a dent in the gaming scene? As it turns out, it could! Touting the ludicrously popular Halo series and harnessing its own branch of the market for sports games, the Xbox became THE Western console that wedged gaming into the modern popular culture scene. It seemed that the standoff would remain a triangle of contenders."

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JustinSaneV23651d ago

It didn't fail. It was changed.

The gaming GOD3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

It was in the failed category with over 20 reports less than 15 minutes ago.

Anyway, this place has become quite sad. Any opinionated blog (most of the time with incomplete knowledge) gets passed off as news

JustinSaneV23651d ago

No it wasn't. The story is right here.

It was updated.

GiantEnemyCrab3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

"Where have we seen this before? In the above paragraphs, unfortunately. It’s in my opinion that what happened to Sega two generations back is now happening to Sony"

He has a lot of information to back up his opinion. This should be good.

edit: that wasn't meant as a reply

The gaming GOD3651d ago

Yes it was a failed story, I know what I saw. It even had the same title this story does now

This story that you posted is some wrath of the lich king

JustinSaneV23651d ago

@ The gaming GOD:

You would think that the original poster of the article you mentioned would know what he is talking about...

Check the reports if you're so sure.

The gaming GOD3651d ago

lol whatever kid

You know it's not even there anymore. But as I said, I know what I saw.

socomnick3651d ago

This is news and regardless of how much you like it, it needs to get approved. Wish the sdf didnt try to block out every negative sony story.

JustinSaneV23651d ago

You know it's not even there anymore. But as I said, I know what I saw.

Geez you're a persistant fool. Do you not see the numerous reports, the time log of updates, how long ago the story was posted?

Hell I can even throw your name in the description if you still don't think it's the same story.

The gaming GOD3651d ago

Considering I was pretty much letting it go yet you want to continue running your mouth

morganfell3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

This Justin guy pm'ed me...repeatedly. It's obvious he is trying to ram this story through and using a loophole to do it. Oh well, here come the reports and disapprovals again. Only this time the user gets reported too.

EDIT: At below: Didn't realize you were in the Gamer Zone did you? Calling people a fool just gets you reported.

3651d ago
whateveryousay3651d ago

I thought I saw this in the failed category too. Why it's not there anymore I'll never know. But the fact that gaming god saw it too at least tells me I'm not crazy lol

JustinSaneV23651d ago

@ morganfell:

If anyone should be called anything it should be you. Shall I post the screenshot of our PM conversation? I sent you one PM stating I change the topic of a story. ONE. You had to be a ***** and block me because you're nuts. Then YOU are the one who goes out and makes a big deal out of it. You are a fool now too.

ChrisGTR13651d ago

i dont know but i think the dreamcast had better games than the ps3. actually id say about the same. ps3 isnt going to die like the dreamcast did but if sony messes up just like it did with the ps3 then its a pretty fair assumption that the ps4 will be the last gaming console they make.

JustinSaneV23651d ago

Okay people. If the story that was in the Pending section today is indeed in the failed category then I DARE you to find it!

Good luck.

I've also attached the ten million PM's that I've sent morganfeel.

lodossrage3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Only a fool would recognize other fools. Take that for what it's worth Justin.

LoVeRSaMa3651d ago

@GiantEnemyCrab how is this happening to sony?

Out of both microsoft and sony on the last 2 consoles sony are doing about 100x better.

The current gen, MS are doing better in the USA, but sony own Europe and Japan, a LOLSPIKE isnt going to do anything, dont get your hopes up.

JustinSaneV23651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )


Go ahead and report me. Just makes you look like the fool that you are.


Never claimed that I wasn't one my self now did I?

LoVeRSaMa3651d ago

@JustinSaneV2 are you talking to me, and if so why?

I don't believe have have addressed you at all.

ultimolu3651d ago

Gaming GOD is right. I'm certain this story was reported before.

JustinSaneV23651d ago

@ ulimtolu:

You're right. I posted it today but chose to change the story to news regarding the leaked WoW: Wrath of the Lich King manual. You can see the story, all the reports, and the updates here:

I even made a post about it in the forums (of course I edited it out when I changed the story).

For some reason the people above can't accept that the link is indeed the original story.

Poirot93651d ago

But here's my thoughts. I think that the relationship between the 360 and the PS3 is surprisingly similar to that of the HD-DVD vs Bluray wars of earlier this year (and last year). Indeed, the optical media provides a surprisingly apt analogy.

HD-DVD, at first, was quite successful as it was familiar to video makers and manufacturers (because it resembled DVD), offered powerful online connectivity (Bluray didn't have that at the time) and was cheaper to produce. If I need to explain to you how that is similar to the 360, then you shouldn't be on this page).

Bluray, however (as we all know), eventually won out). Why? I would say two reasons. First, Sony was able to parlay its existing powerful connections in the film industry into exclusive deals with certain studios. Second, filmmakers understood that, although it was not as familiar to them and cost a bit more, there was more unbridled power (re: space) in Bluray. It just made more sense, for future-proofing reasons, to go with it.

Clearly the hardware similarities between bluray and PS3 (unfamiliar to developers and more expensive, but, in the long run, more powerful than competitors) are obvious to most people. It's the 3rd party developer support (which I equate to Sony's film studio pull) which is lacking. But I do not believe that all these developers have abandoned Sony. I think they're waiting... I think they're waiting for a larger install base and more developed coding tools. And I think both of these are coming (I really think Bluray will go a looooong way in pushing the PS3 this holiday). So don't count the PS3 out yet.

My 2 cents.

thebudgetgamer3651d ago

the first two years of the 360 and ps3 respectively Sony sold more consoles in that time so if the ps3 had been released at the same time would this article have Microsoft going the way of Sega?
or is this an article meant to rile up the masses?

morganfell3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Well Justin why should I keep letting my PM box get filled up with useless tripe and self promoting contributors trying to ram a story through? You have been acting like a street hustler. Why? How does that serve the N4G community? It doesn't.

I have better things to do with my time and you want me and others to tolerate you actions? Just look at your posts so far. They are a mad scramble. You send the first PM with no explanation then you provide a lousy excuse of saying you were just playing follow the leader. You said they did it too. That's right, they did. THEY'RE MODS. It is part of their job.

I told you what I thought of you and then I blocked you. And now I am putting you on ignore...

Master Debater3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

To be quite honest guys, this is what I saw so far in this article.

Pure pure one sided fanboy garbage. I mean from N4G, not from Screwattack.

MNicholas3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Reality check -

Here are the numbers comparing the two months after the price cut vs two months before the price cut

PSP---1.94M-----1.52M (-22%, -425k)

DS----4.63M-----3.75M (-19%, -880k)

Wii---3.18M-----2.66M (-20%, -529k)

PS3---1.55M-----1.19M (-23%, -360k)

360---1.11M-----1.27M (+15%, +167k)

Lets compare the numbers.

If we look at the DS, Wii and the PSP, none of which are direct competitors to the PS3 or 360, we can estimate that the market for hardware dropped roughly 20%. The PS3's drop is roughly in line with that of the DS, PSP and Wii. Therefore, if the 360 has "stolen" any PS3 sales, the effect has been in the range of just 1-3%.

Therefore, it's obvious that most, if not all of the PS3's sales drop has been due to a corresponding change in the market as a whole. This is significant evidence that 360 price drop has not persuaded people to choose a 360 over a PS3 and further reinforces the notion that price-drops can't change the hearts and minds of consumers (remember the gamecube?). Rather the evidence suggests that the surge in 360 sales is almost entirely people who would have bought 360's anyway and were simply waiting for the right price.

This has always been Microsoft's bane and there's nothing to suggest that the 360's appeal has expanded much beyond that of the original xbox or it's spritual ancestor, the Dreamcast. Once Microsoft has tapped out that small market their sales will fade quickly just like the first Xbox.

This is evident in the sales numbers which show that the effects of the price-cut are already waning as the small market for the product gets approaches saturation. All the price-cut did was hasten saturation of the existing market for the 360. It is obvious that the price-cut did not create a new market for the 360 and that has to be worrying to Microsoft.

robep33651d ago

The PLAYSTATION became THE repeat THE console that wedged gaming into the modern popular culture scene (WORLDWIDE). NOT THE XBOX


Electricear3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I pains me to use VGchartz as any form of comparison as they have been so far off at times, but at the same time we can really see how bad the Dreamcast sold relative to how the 360 and PS3 are selling in their life cycle from each consoles launch.

As you can see NEITHER the PS3 or the Xbox 360 have the EPIC FAIL levels that SAGA experienced with the Dreamcast. If we're going to compare them to another console compare them to the PS2 as both are far closer to it's sales figures than they are to where Saga was. Note however, that in the PS2 chart due to the launch date it had another holiday season under its belt at this point.

Again my apologies to those who are not fans of VGchartz.

SolidSnake933651d ago

Want to know how to screw them over. Don't give them hits.

jadenkorri3651d ago

reported this...
don't compare sega and sony, sony is much bigger than sega, and sony has sold over 100 millions ps2's, and more ps1 and ps3's than sega ever sold.....complain all you want about sony and MS, but nintendo leads them both, go back adn look at nintendo's gamecube and how bad that went, not sony in the ditch and its never been more flame bait then ever... get a games

Shadow Flare3650d ago

There has been like 1 or 2 months since the 360 price cut. Sales went up for the 360. No freaking way.

Did anyone forget that ps3 has outsold 360 in total hardware numbers in Europe, even though 360 launched 18 months before it?

Anyone realized that it's taken 360 this long to only just kick start sales in Japan? Have they even crossed a million there yet?

And do people forget that Microsoft HAD to cut the price of the 360 because it was being continuously outsold globally by the MORE EXPENSIVE ps3?

And Sony's going the way of Sega?

We know why Sony isn't dropping the price of the ps3. It's because they actually need to make some money on the machine. I can 100% guarantee that if Sony made a price cut, it would be slaughtering the 360. There's no doubt.

Question: If Sony continously outsold 360 globally at a more expensive price point before 360's price cut, which console would sell more if both ps3 and 360 were the same price? Thank you and goodnight.

pain777pas3650d ago

@POIROT9 you're right on the money my friend. 100 million will not go to M$ this gen and next gen they will have trouble convincing gamers to invest in their hardware plus by the end of this gen Sony will have a compelling free online service for the future. Halo will not save M$ again from exstinction and I think that Gears will not be enough either they have to prove that they can come up with original IPs because the me too strategy will not work they are making some contemplate staying with them but me like others just bought an xbox waiting for Sony to get their act together then either took the plunge and got a PS3 as well or stuck with the shoddy hardware but good software that's being offered.

RememberThe3573650d ago

I want to see all three company's stay in console races. They all bring something different to the table, and push each other to innovate. That is what we need as gamers. Plus, Sony make some pretty damn good hardware. And, f*ck it, I'm apart of the PlayStation Generation I started console gaming on the PlayStation and I'd like the play them for years to come.

The gaming GOD3641d ago

In other words, I was right, this story DID fail. You just changed it to that warcraft BS before it was erased so you could resubmit it.


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reincarnated3651d ago

lol far from it my friend, just look at the TONS of games coming out for the ps3. i hate the kinds of articles, it gives me a sense that the person who wrote this still lives with his mom.

NegativeCreep4273651d ago

Back when Sega was starting to really lose their touch and make half-informed, idiotic decisions they did not have as many sources of income like Sony currently enjoys (did this guy in the blog forget about the PS2 and PSP?) and the amount of third-party support that Sega possessed was certainly not on the same level as Sony enjoys now.

The PS3 is doing nothing but rising higher and higher within the video game industry and the market share that it will possess by this time next year will certainly be much higher than it has ever been (just like the continuous rise the PS3 has earned over the past two years).

Half-informed blogs are serious becoming a real annoyance here on N4G. Why don't we all from now on, instead of posting comments within stories like I am doing right now, just post our own comments separately as individual stories and submit them on the main page. That is basically what this lame excuse of a story is.

SaiyanFury3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Yeah this article is interesting but ultimately doesn't end up succeeding in what it sets out to do. The reason that Sega ultimately scrapped hardware production is quite simple if you look at 1990s history. Sega had been losing money in the hardware market for years before they scrapped the Dreamcast. The weird add-on ideas that were running through their heads kept them from being very successful hardware-wise through the 90s. They started off doing awesome with the Genesis/Mega Drive then proceeded to add on the Sega CDs 1 and 2, and then furthered that by stacking the already monolithic Sega stand with the 32X, not a bad system by any means, but expensive and unnecessary. Practically from the date of the original Sega CD, they'd been losing money, maybe not lots, but some.

Then came the Sega Saturn, another awesome but poorly realized system. Whereas the new and upcoming PlayStation was being designed from the ground up to be in 3D and process polygons out of the box, the Saturn, unfortunately had been designed to be an advanced 2D console. It had the capability of processing in 3D but not on par with it's competition. After 3 or so years Sega retired the wonderful black box and tried once more with the Dreamcast. Unfortunately, by the time the Dreamcast had come along, the original PlayStation and Nintendo 64 pretty much ruled the market. The Dreamcast had some truly awesome games that I'm happy to say I still play today. But ultimately it wasn't enough to keep it afloat and Sega finally threw up their hands in defeat, hardware-wise that it. Now they enjoy decent software sales.

I don't see this happening to Sony in the current market. They may still be losing some money on the system, but they reap that money back in software sales and exclusives. Want to see a real money maker: LittleBigPlanet. This title is being anticipated by millions I'm sure around the world and I'm practically certain it will be a major pusher of hardware. In order for Sony to be the next Sega, they'd have to be losing money for over 5 years consistently. Sorry, they've had the crown of consoles for the last 13 years, and while they're seeing increased competition in the form of the 360, they're certainly not losing money over the long term. If you're wondering why I didn't factor in Nintendo, it's because Nintendo has a different audience this generation of consoles than Sony and Microsoft.

Silogon3651d ago

Sony has something Sega only experienced once in their console life... and that was only a moderate success (the genesis). What am I talking about? Multiple successful sku's and money.


All of them have or are making Sony an incredible amount of revenue. Sony has sold more PSP's in the last 4 days than Sega manufacuted game gears. sony has sold more Ps3's than the saturn, 32x, sega cd and Dreamcast combined.

Need I go on?

Sony has sold 16.6 million units world wide in under 2 years time and not even a year and a half on a world wide scale. That is 4 months faster than the xbox 360 did it in and also at double the price.

So, to answer your idiotic question, is Sony going the way of Sega? No... but I wish you would.

psiom3651d ago

Thank you for that awesome answer to this crap posting.

Kudos dude.

theEnemy3651d ago

wow, Silogon is posting comments with sense now.

Ignored by: 148 users

Minus me on that now.

kevin11123651d ago

i never understood these stories, if the ps3 is dying then what does that say about the 360. This is why these stories are so stupid.

darkdoom30003651d ago

bubbles fo you! that was excellent!

xhi43651d ago

that was awesome!

lol bubbles for you sir! great writing!

Captain_Sony3651d ago

I guess you missed when Sony admitted that all the money they made off the PS2 was now lost in PS3 dev cost? PS3 is a LONG way from making any profit.. Even when they start to manufacture it at a cost below retail they still have to make up the billions they lost developing it. In all honesty it may NEVER break a profit. I a can understand why you are confused though. I mean you posted a Wii hate article and were actually so stupid you couldnt tell the Wii version was superior to the PS1 version and then you lie and switch the PS2 and Wii screens to again make other morons think you have a valid point.. You really need a lifetime ban. The only people that are going to agree with you are ones that are just as clueless as you are..What idiot even thinks the PS3 is profitable at this point? Laslty what the weather like up your own a$$? Thats got be where your head is if you are that clueless to whats going on in reality.. Love my PS3, hate its fanboys like you. you make the rest of us look stupid.

Shadow Flare3650d ago

agreed, i've taken siligon off my ignore list now. Great comment

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PirateThom3651d ago

Here's the difference between Sega and Sony:

Sega's Dreamcast console launched earlier, was cheaper, had better online, easier to develope for, a lower capicity optical disc, Peter Moore.

Sony's PlayStation 2 console launched later was more expensive, had no online, was harder to develop for, a higher capacity optical disc that "no one" wanted, no Peter Moore.


Killjoy30003651d ago

Everything you say makes sense. Bubbles.

fishd3651d ago

"No peter more"
LOL! +Bubble

ultimolu3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Well said Pirate Thom.
I don't understand this article at all. If Sony was going the way of the Sega, then why were they successful for all of these years?

darkdoom30003651d ago

holy sh!t. looking at that, this article should come to the opposite conclusion.

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greenmeanie3651d ago

Interesting article actually. I mean regardless of which console you are rooting for, there is always that fear that one of them might end up like the dreamcast. I mean there are alot of differences between sony and sega but when you think about it you really can compare things about all consles to what sega did.