The big Doom Eternal interview: Switch timings, multiplayer and a whiff of Heaven

Eurogamer sat down with Doom Eternal duo Marty Stratton (executive producer) and Hugo Martin (creative director) and rattled through a list of questions they had about the unveiled game.

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The 10th Rider70d ago

They're planning a day one launch on Switch and the game is being made from the beginning with Switch in mind.

It'll be interested to see how it works out. If they hit day one and it runs well on Switch that'll be mighty impressive.

Sirk7x70d ago

Well, if there's any dev team that can do it right now, it'd be Panic Button for sure. They are very talented and familiar with the hardware.

Emme70d ago

"30fps is not important to the experience"
Aha.The Switched reached its max capability with Doom, and now Doom2 will be even more complex. Lets see how that turns out.

Hungryalpaca70d ago

The switch isn’t a full console. Getting doom to run on it at all was impressive.

Sirk7x70d ago

What he said was "We don't run at 60 on Switch. Doom 2016 didn't run at 60 on Switch, it ran at 30, and really it was no sacrifice to the experience."

Whether or not that's true is subjective, and we will see if PB is able to optimize further with the Switch.

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